If only I could get some more time with you in this lifetime. Thanks for that little part of my life that I shared with you. It will always hold special place in my heart.

I think you're made up of constellations and I've long dreamt of touching the stars.

- nugget

I wrote a letter that got over 600 likes on here 5 years ago when I would obsessively come on here, secretly hoping I would find a letter from my crush. So, I wrote one for myself. I pretended I was him, I pretended he noticed me in class, noticed all of my quirks, I pretended I was worthy of his attention and of love in general. The letter was a sham.

I have not been on here since I left high school. I no longer recognise the girl that wrote a love letter to herself but I am still exactly the same person she described. I still read Salinger and use chopsticks to eat everything.

I moved out of my small town, gained confidence, got a modelling contract and am an honours student. Suddenly, the men in my life were saying the words I typed out for myself years ago. I have always been worthy of love, I have always noticed my quirks, I have always been beautiful and smart, the world just finally kept up.

My crush from 5 years ago came out as gay 2 weeks ago and he is as beautiful as ever.

Life had a better plot than any of my fantasies.

You didn't know the depth of my love and that's okay. You don't want me anymore and that's okay. I might always love you and that is also okay.

I hope for the best for both of us.

You got really really drunk and told me you're going to marry me.

After college, of course, you clarified, a few moments before you puked.

And you know what? I love you so much that, yeah, I'll marry you. After college, of course.

It's amazing how a person can just make you lose your common sense by just their presence

Call me crazy but I think the universe keeps coming up with more and more ways to bring us closer together. And we keep pulling apart.

Her smile was so bright and her eyes were sparkling, she asked everyone how they were and how they were doing. But no one even asked her the same, until one person came along. He looked her dead in the eyes and asked "What's wrong?" And I saw her break before my eyes, tears started streaming down her face. To this day, I'm amazed at how much people can hide with just a smile.

You ever look at your crush and they are so passionate about what they love!

Like they move their hands and you see that bright smile and see that glint in their eyes.

And the cuteness is too much and you just wanna squeeze them and bear hug them and destroy them with kisses.

Yeah.... I feel that way every time I look at her while she talks about her passions 😭

I come here to see people bare their souls. Love makes people vulnerable. It shows who people are when they are stripped away of all of the extras. They are without filters. It's as real as it gets and I need to witness something real, even if I'm not the one experiencing it. I love these letters.