I can’t deny that a big part of who I am today is thanks to you. Sometimes we just need something to believe in and hope for. Even if it doesn’t turn out the way we hoped it would. Even if it turned out not to even be what you thought it was. For a moment, I needed you. I needed to see you and feel something to get me out of the haze. You woke me up and gave me something to look forward to. I pushed and pushed because I wanted you. In the end, I got what I needed the most. I got myself and the life I deserve. Maybe when this life is over you’ll know what sort of impact you had on me. I fell for you because you really are a good person. I felt strong enough to be me because you’re you. Thank you.

I know she will never see this but I need to get how I truly feel about her off of my chest. She is stunningly beautiful, intelligent, hard working, family oriented, and has one of the best senses of humor I have ever come across. I would love to spend every waking moment with her and I could listen to her talk about her interests all day and night. I would love to travel, get married, raise a family together and grow old. But she doesn’t look at me the same as I do to her, so my thoughts will remain here....sigh...

it breaks my heart that our only form of communication has become the sidebar that shows what we're listening to on Spotify. i hope you're reading into mine as much as i'm reading into yours.


If I got you alone..

Oh man, if I got you alone.. the things I would do to you.

I would completely overwhelm you with uncomfortable eye contact, awkward silence and poorly placed pauses, overshare information about past traumas, break down your zodiac sign and compliment you in a somewhat sarcastic, insulting way, then laugh and profusely apologize for all of it.

And I’d never talk to you again.

You are kind and honest. Ethical in a way that most are not. You are charming and a wonderful conversationalist. Unapologetically nerdy. Forgiving and affectionate. Intelligent and funny. Anxious about everything. Self-aware in a way I will always admire. An excellent physician. One of my most treasured friends.

Though at times mildly selfish and hot-headed. Whiny. A bit of an asshole, if we‘re being completely honest. 

The peace I feel, even in your absence, I have never felt with anyone. I thought that distance would surely come between us, but somehow I feel closer to you. I know you’ll never read this, but I had to let the universe know how grateful I am for allowing our paths to cross. I am a better me for knowing you.

I fell in love with the most sweetest guy. He protects me, he reassures me, he never lets a day go by without letting me know he loves me, he let’s me open up and cry to him, he loves that i’m clingy, and he just loves me for me.. After all my failed relationships and being abused mentally, physically, and emotionally, I healed. He also helped heal me in ways I didn’t know was possible. I never thought i’d experience a love like this at a young age but i’m glad… and now I’M ENGAGED!!!!!! i couldn’t be anymore happy. i’m going to marry the love of my life !!!

I'm thinking of you. I hope you've drank some water today. I hope someone has hugged you today. I hope you're not thinking of me. I hope I can stop thinking of you.

Can you imagine what it must be like to be with your perfect person and them to also feel like you are their perfect person? Where you both are just mutually attracted to each other on the same level of intensity and you both equally admire each other. That has to be one helluva feeling. Not saying you don’t have disagreements or whatever but like at the end of the day, there is no one else you would rather be with and they feel exactly the same. I find it so hard to believe that people just naturally fall in love with each other and neither feels pressured to change. They’re just an ideal match. Can some of you share examples if you’ve ever witnessed that sort of relationship?

in romance, business, and life: You can easily judge the character of a person by how they treat those who can do nothing for them

I think about you a lot. The moment I met you I felt something so pure. You’ll never love me the way I love you but I hope you live your best life and remember you are capable of so much more than you think. Decide and follow your heart always. xoxo