If the story's over, why am I still writing pages?

Hi, can I return these feelings? I don't want them anymore. I just don't like them. Thanks.

You do cute shit on the daily and i'm 100% attracted to you.

your name slips out my mouth like i was born to say it. like the puzzle pieces have come together. it feels so natural and right. i like your name. i love it.

I just want to be close to you.

I want to run my hands through your hair, I want to give you the biggest hug and have you hug me back. I want to just? Talk to you? I love it when we do, and wish we talked more. I want to be someone who listens and laughs with you.

Do you see me? I mean. I know you do. But you *see* me? Is this accidental eye contact we make a mutual thing? Are you seeking me out? When I enter a conversation and you start running your hands through your hair, is that nerves?

I don’t know. I want to know.

I want to do something about these annoying persistent stupidly affectionate feelings.

L- i try not to think about you, but I do. all. the. damn. time.

You’re complicated and confusing and sometimes act withdrawn and yet you’re the only one who I feel has truly loved me and I need you....and all of your imperfections.

I’ll always love you. So you’re missing out on A LOT of unconditional affection and cozy cuddles. Just sayin’

Love, By: Storm

If I could talk to you without all the backround noise that would be great.



You know that feeling when your heart is like