I was talking to my grandma on the phone.

My phone buzzed. It's probably just an email, I thought.

It buzzed again. Wait, maybe it's...

And again. Oh man, he's totally messaging me right now

A few more times. I was grinning ear to ear and my grandma let me go because she could tell I was getting distracted.

I looked at my phone and realized I had just been hitting my phone's lockscreen with my face.

I love her. 

and she loves me too.

we haven't seen each other in months,

but i see her in other girls; her eyes, her smile, her voice

we havent talked in a while. 

but i hear her all the time 

i messed things up for us a number of times, 

but i want her, i've always wanted her

I love her 

and i know she loves me too

It's the little things like eye contact and small smiles that keep me going. It's not often that something big happens, so I rely on those little moments that I can be proud of. I love when he looks at me from across the room and smiles, and sometimes that feel like a bigger achievement than anything else.

You know that feeling where someone is just so funny and kind and intelligent and interesting and beautiful that you just feel unworthy of their presence? 

That's her. But, somehow, she makes me feel worthy of every second I spend with her. 

In a way, I know that if you don't return my feelings for you, I can get over you like I got over all those other boys.

It's just, well - I don't want to.

I don’t want to be a hopeless romantic. To be in love with the idea of love when you yourself are not loved is not simply sad. It is intensely, devastatingly, unfortunately, persistently heart-breaking. I cannot stress this enough.


I love the first few stages of a crush where you get that jumpy feeling and you just want to be with them all of the damn time.

She was leaning on the edge of the table, laughing at something, and he, the boy she calls "baby," reached over and took a lock of it, that day-glo hair she has, let it run through his fingers, completely infatuated by the beauty of it, and the moment was so raw and serene and perfect-

It made my fingers ache. 

I was looking at your computer screen when you didn't know it & I glanced at the bookmarks bar.

My tumblr page was one of your bookmarks. 😊

In science I look at you and wounder if you ever think of me or look at me or if I am just another face in the crowd of people because to me you are not just another face to me you are the face I dream about at night the face I wish was laying next to me at night I wish I had you and only you