you were especially cute today.

I haven't been here in AGES I have a crush on a super cute soccer boy now. He's funny. Sweet, slightly awkward. Terrible dancer. I kind of like him. Not as intense as my past crushes, but more of a "oh wow, when did I start stuttering because you're eyes locked with mine?" kind of crush. I'm screaming. It's great :)


I think everyone deserves a letter.

I think about you way too much..

he doesnt wear hats. ive never seen him wear a hat to class, ever.

yesterday, he noticed my wallpaper. its chae hyungwon looking at his phone, wearing a black beanie. he asked who it was, i replied, and i thought nothing of it.

today, while i was walking up the stairs, i saw him.

he was wearing a black beanie today and i felt my heart just burst.

is this a coincidence or did he do this on purpose??

boy im confused :(

My dating life is so bleak that my mother has given me the “you can tell me if you’re gay, I love you” talk more than once. Send help.

when you think you‘re going for what you want until time and fate tells you that you’re actually getting what you need

Life is short. Shoot your shot.

I almost told you the truth. It was right there, the words, they were right there on my tongue. All I had to do was open my mouth, but I just couldn’t. I guess I realized what I was about to say and my mouth clamped shut. The nerves got to me. I hope there is another chance.

i never noticed your curves 



the hint of a tanline 

peeking out below a ruffled 


the concave valleys on the 

outsides of your hips

the shallow pools of your collarbone 

your shadows 

your shape

there is a feline grace to you 

a regalness in the way

you hold your head and

 stand there

long-limbed and lank.

~ Nemo