Whoever has the courage to kiss their crush or ask them out, you're in my top 5 of bravest people on the planet. 

You are cordially invited to ruin my lipstick. Anytime.

God. Even if we never end up together, I would totally make an exception for you.


this is probably the creepiest thing i will ever say, but - watching you sleep a few inches from my face makes me feel peaceful. also, i like trying to count your eyelashes, but it's hard.

Have you ever yearned for someone?
So bad you were tossing and turning at night until you were so exhausted sleep finally took you under;only to find your dreams were no longer a safe haven.
It's frightening being so overwhelmed by a single being.
It's infinitely more frustrating when the interest is not exactly mutual.
I'm left here wondering what's it going to take to take? To get to you? To forget you? I don't care. I just don't want to be in this state any longer.
I'm scared, I feel like an idiot, and it hasn't gotten any better in the last 8 months.

To every girl who thinks no guy craves them; you're wrong. No matter who you are there will always be someone longing to be in your presence, longing to have by ther side, longing to call you theirs.

I know this becase im "that guy", and I cant stop thinking about you. I want you, I need you, I cant live without you.


Before I met you, I was so focused on living an extraordinary life. All I wanted was to be successful, to be powerful, to change people’s lives. I was afraid that if I didn’t accomplish all those things, I’d be unhappy. I’d have wasted my life.


Then you came along, with that stupid face of yours, and suddenly none of that mattered anymore.


Now all I want is to wake up next to you every morning, to make you coffee and watch you drink it in 3 seconds, to drop you off at work and kiss you goodbye, to pick you up and kiss you hello, to eat pizza and snuggle while watching the biggest loser, to dance with you in our living room until our dog thinks we’re having seizures, to fall asleep next to you every night.



All I want is the most boring, most ordinary life ever - with the most extraordinary girl.

I was sitting in the school hall, eating my lunch alone and he walked up to me and said "Hey, ___" .. I said "hi" . "Why are eating here alone?" "I dunno... Just cause.."

and without hesitation, he sat down right there on the dusty school hallway floor with me, across from me. And it was just him and I eating lunch together in an otherwise-empty hallway. We had a conversation, eye-contact locked at certain parts. I've always wondered if he looks at other girls the loving way he looks at me. It's a particular way, it seems.

I love him. All I need was for someone to come sit next to me. To come reach out to me. I've been waiting for so long for someone to do something like that, and he did. And I love him.

He texted me at 1:00 in the morning to bring him chicken tenders, saying it was the only way I would pass the guards at his fort.

This sounds silly, this sounds like something only in a movie, complete with a manic pixie dream girl but I am no manic pixie dream girl.

I walked into his room and there was his bed, flipped on its side, draped in his sheets with his laptop resting on his pillow, playing ballads and waltzs and everything sweet. It smelled like him. And chicken tenders. 

This sounds silly, this sounds like something only in a movie, complete with a manic pixie dream girl but I am no manic pixie dream girl.

We watched cartoons on his laptop and early in the morning when he mentioned going to bed, I stared at him long and desperate, because I wasn't brave enough to ask. I stared and stared.

"Would it be weird if I stayed over, in your fort?"
"Um. Yeah. Why?"
"Because I want to."

This sounds silly, this sounds like something only in a movie, complete with a manic pixie dream girl but I am no manic pixie dream girl.

But he let me stay, even though it was weird. That night I nuzzled my nose against the slope of his back, inhaling the smell of cotton and warmth. I thought about wet dogs and hazy summer nights and cold beer. And I realized how much I loved him. 

But I am no manic pixie dream girl. I am no dream girl. I am just a girl. He does not love me and I am not his girl.   

I can't believe im a guy and doing this but i mistakenly came across this site. 

Dear crush,

You are the most beautiful  girl i have ever seen in my life. You may be 15 but you have the cutest baby face in the world. When you smile I want to smile even for no reason.  Just talk to me, Dammit you drive me crazy! Sometimes I think you like me but then you ignore me. I wanna curl up with you and keep you warm in the winter. I wanna be in a spoon position with you. I wanna kiss you, I wanna laugh with you, I wanna watch movies with you. Come on talk to me.  You are the definition of a crush! cuz you crush me but i still wanna be with you but then you are my friend's sister. Dammit!

If this were 1945, i'd say you're the cat's meow.

If this were 1955, you'd be dreamy.

If this were 1965, i'd think you're groovy. 

If this were 1975, i'd tell you you're far out.

If this were 1985, you would be hella rad.

If this were 1995, you'd be da bomb.

But it's 2015 and there are no trendy/catchy words to describe you.

You're spectacular. Gorgeous. Amazing. Breathtaking. Mesmerizing. Marvelous. Lovely. Timeless. 

If this were 1945, I'd want to dance around the radio with you and play cards all night.

If this were 1955, i'd want to hang out with you at a diner. We'd have two straws in the same chocolate malted milkshake. 

If this were 1965, I'd want to hang out with you at the drive through and i'd even let you put the moves on me.

If this were 1975, I'd want to spend the night with you at the Disco, owning the dancefloor. 

If this were 1985, I would want to sit around with you, playing Nintendo while eating insane amounts of pizza. 

If this were 1995, we could play hacky sack or hey, even pogs. And spin the bottle. (we'd be the only two players)

But it's 2015 and it really doesn't matter what we'd do. I'd give anything just to lay in a field somewhere, watching the night sky with you.