when you kissed me, you tasted slightly of stale coffee.

i hate coffee.

i would have kissed you until the world burned up.

there are a lot of different kinds of heartbreak.

watching your parents get a divorce is pretty up there.

It's annoying that in order to start building a family and ur dream house complete with a water slide u first have to get a boy to like u

I ask for your heart with my eyes because my words are clumsy and strangled

The saddest stories of unrequited love are the ones that I didn't even try

mom: "...so was there anything romantic between you two? like, ever?"

me: ......how the fuck do I sum this up

When you see a certain hottie waiting outside as you leave work and you get all these butterflies and then you remember the best part,

He's yours.

I don't think you realise how much your silence crushes my heart.

I didn't have enough courage say anything, and now it is too late. This will always be my biggest regret.

This is me. And, this is you.

Separated by a period, not a comma, a semi-colon, or a hyphen. Part of the same narrative but never in the same sentence.

You don't know how much I wish for the period to disappear and become an "and". But that's how we'll always be, just a period. An end.