What a waste of time and mental space this is. Can I appear any more desperate for your attention? Good grief.

Smile, your ancestors had to make millions of big and little decisions for you to be where you are at this very moment. And you right now are making big and little decisions for your younger relatives years and years from now. The fact that you are alive and here is a miracle. It is completely and BEAUTIFULLY amazing. Don't let the choices those before you made go to waste and don't make the kinds of choices that will hurt those after you. The whole system couldn't be more incredible. Neither could you.

You're well known throughout our school because you're such an activist and you're incredibly kind and caring towards other people.

You inspire me.

I sit and read these letters and they are all so familiar. 

These experiences are so deeply personal and at the same time universal to all of us.

I'm glad that you're committed to your work, but sometimes I wish you would look around every now and then and notice that there are people who actually want to hang out with you and have fun.
Particularly, me.

Dear beautiful bottomless pit of love letters,

I would like to acknowledge the existence of my best friend in the world.

Her name is Catherine and she's made of sunshine. She writes letters to people she's never met and she loves the rain. She wears boy's shoes and dances in her basement. She is in love with the sound of cellos, and her eyes light up when she laughs. 

So I hereby disprove that "just friends" is "just" anything. Love is not wanting to make out with someone. It is waking up every morning and thinking about their heartbeat. 

I don't typically like the "hot guys" or popular guys, or the guys who have always got the girl. Everyday and every new person I meet I look for the best in them, the things you have to take the time to notice and slowly fall in love with. It's usually the guy that everybody likes and is friends with, maybe a couple seeing him as nothing more than a goofball and takes nothing seriously, that I eventually fall for. Or the really shy guy from math class, that never really talks but always smiles and listens. Or the guy in gym who obviously isn't sporty, so he'll joke around about how much he'd rather be sketching, but you'll catch him showing off whenever you're watching him. I look for the best in people and fall for those who you have to really pay attention to notice.

I've come to terms with the fact that I have no chance with you and that there is about a 0.00000001% chance you have feelings for me too.

But your smile and your laugh and your personality make it really hard for me to be okay with that.

i think that the best thing about liking you, is that i dont really regret it. its fun. you make me smile. you make me happy. we all need to be happy. and i think thats what we should all be looking for. 

What you don't realize is that you are my night in shining armor. You are my prince. You are the guy of my dreams. Yes, that makes you a dreamy guy. It's not because you act like the guys in 80s movies or because you have characteristics from guys in Nicholas Sparks novels. Because you don't. You're even better. You love me and you care for me. You open the door for me when I ask and you hold my purse when I beg. Even if you don't want to, you do it because you love me. And that makes you my Prince Charming because you care for me and love me. So don't for a second say that you aren't the guy I think you are. Because guess what? I don't want to change you. I don't want you to become someone you're not. I know you think that you aren't that guy, but you have a good heart naturally and that's all I need. All I ever wanted was a guy who holds my hand and whispers they love me into my ear because they truly do. I don't need perfect, I don't need the storybook prince or Noah from The Notebook because none of them are you. And I just need you.