I love you! Lets survive this so we can be together! Deal?

I love you so much.

You really do check all of my boxes. It’s so crazy. And you’re, by far, the sweetest and most respectful guy I’ve ever met. I can‘t believe how blessed I am with you. You make me laugh and cheer me up. You’re endlessly interesting and talented. You‘re patient with me.

You’re great.

I miss you like crazy and would give everything up just to hold you

You were the opposite of what I was looking for. Life has a way of throwing curve balls at you and I fell for you hook line and sinker. Thank you for showing me love...

I always went here every time i feel the urge to tell you "i miss you"

Sorry for not telling you for a hundredth time.

I miss you.

How could this crush situation POSSIBLY get worse!?

Dear secret crush,

Everytime I ask one of those silly online magic 8 balls about you it says yes. Everytime.



i need advice.

theres obviously a spark between us and he’s everything i’ve been looking for, for all this time. because of a very complicated situation, it’s impossible to try being more than just friends for a while, probably a few months from now. i‘ve waited on someone before and i know i’m capable of it, but it just feels so unbearable because he’s just so wonderful. any tips to get me through the semester?

Am I going mental? Have I always been this sensitive? Have you always been as you are now? I can't tolerate it any longer...

I wonder if anyone has ever had a crush on me.