I think that I wished so hard for someone like you that now I am having a hard time believing you are real.

My dearest favorite ginger,

Today you proposed to me. 

Your back has been so bad that you needed my best friend to help you get down on one knee. You were in so much pain, but still down you went. 

you proposed to me, even at Your worst, because you know that I will always love You. At your worst, at your rock bottom, but also at your very best.

i choose to love you every day for the rest of my life. Our good days and our bad days and our in between days. Because you are my best friend, the love of my life, and I can't imagine that there's anybody else that I would want to spend all of those days with.

Forever yours


When you're asleep and your back is towards him because you had a small argument and you're so angry but then you feel his nose snuggling into the back of your neck and into your hair and his arms around your waist and pulling you closer to his chest and he turns you around asking if you're okay.

And all of your anger disappears in a heartbeat.

That's what love is.

You know what? I've had it.

I appreciate waiting, I don't believe in shallow relationships or kissing a dude you just met. I'm patient, I want it to be right, with someone who loves me and I love.

But dammit, you start to want it. Want a guy to casually kiss you, to whisper in your ear, I never know what they're whispering. Want a first kiss, a pair of eyes on you shining...

But I know me.

I'll just keep waiting

when i saw you i started listening to my heart

He left me for a girl much more beautiful, and successful than me. He told me he loved me a day before this happened.

I blocked him from pretty much everything. I was absolutely freaking done with life, heartbroken wouldn't even describe it.

A few weeks later, I met a man who I really liked. He was kind, funny, and made me feel like I was on top of the world.

Five months later, and he still sends me flowers at work.

He's a 27 year old pharmacist. I mentioned I wanted to visit Hawaii before I die, and he showed me the booked tickets for next summer. Sweetest man I've ever known.

Then I went to check my instagram today for the first time in months, and the original guy had messaged me...saying he's sorry, that he needed me this whole time and never knew it.

I told him thank you, not for his apology, but because if he hadn't broken my heart that day...I would never be with the man I love now.

Sometimes really awful things have to happen to your heart before something beautiful comes along to restore it. I'm living proof, and I've never felt so lucky.

I really do love this site, I love reading everyone's posts whether they're filled with joy and positivity, or with anger and frustration. I love reading all about first love stories, first kisses, and first times. I even love reading about break ups, and how things could've been better or why they didn't work out. My mother is a writer and she said something that struck a chord with me one night. " If you read something out loud it becomes real." For those of us on this site, who haven't found love yet and who are still single, still trying to figure ourselves out. I hope one day our own love lives will become a reality, and to the rest of you writing your stories on this site, I encourage you to never by any means stop writing. Because who knows, you may have made someone's day just by reading your story. :)

Sincerely a Junior in college.


I feel like we're two complementary halves of a whole, created by some higher power and separated by an ocean as a test to our ability to find each other.

I hope we've passed. I can't wait to see you.


my grandma thinks you're handsome and my grandma knows her shit

Love is noticing the little things, like the way they fidget with their jewelry or bite their lip.

Love is noticing the subtle things, like the change in their demeanor or the absence of laughter.

Love is wanting to ease their troubles and make them smile.

Love is paying attention and giving affection and giving them a safe place to talk.

Love isn't necessarily romantic love.

But it is love nonetheless.