My brother is a law student from boston who works part time at McDonalds.

Whenever someone homeless comes in and asks what they can buy with whatever money they have my brother says, "have whatever you want, it's on me."

t h o u g h t s :

 There are just some thoughts in our heads that are more tangled than our headphones.

 Maybe the hardest part is waking up in the morning remembering what you were trying to forget last night.

 We wish it was different, what ever it could be.

 Maybe we are going through a lot, but the world doesn't know, because we are too busy smiling.

 "I'm fine" is the biggest lie in the entire world, we all wish we could express our feelings or tell someone what is really going on in that beautiful mind of yours, without saying a word and just wishing people already knew...and of course understood.

 We aren't: pretty, smart, skinny, happy, needed, handsome, funny, sexy, positive, strong, motivated, athletic, wanted, artistic, girly, patient, tall or short, manly, brave, perfect, ENOUGH. And you know what? THAT'S OKAY. Because in my eyes, you are wonderful just the way you are.

 [WE] are in the same boat and [YOU] are not alone. because WE are in this together. WE can face this madness side by side. WE can be fearless and rule the world. because WE have one another and never letting go.



"I get worried about being a good dad sometimes." He said absent mindedly 

"Oh?" I asked.

"Yeah, will I not spend enough time with my kids? Will I not discipline them right...?"

I stared at him.

"I think you'd be a good father."

He smiled and shrugged, then changed the topic.

I didn't hear to what though. I was too busy staring at the positive test on my desk that he knew nothing about.

Yesterday we started a new quarter at school, so that means new classes. One of my classes only has twelve students. It's an engineering class where we get to machine and design parts on lathes and mills and CNCs. So naturally, I'm one of only two girls in the class.

I assumed that's why I kept catching him stare at me in class yesterday. Or maybe he was catching me stare at him, because my god he has the deepest brown eyes and most endearing smile I've ever seen. But then today in class was the same thing.

Then after class today I began working on our first project, where we use big machines to carve steel. He happened to have the same idea, so it was just us in the machine shop, working on the machines next to each other. Still he kept staring, and I figured it was because I looked ridiculous. This short blonde girl with painted nails and bright red lipstick, covered in grease, sweat, and steel shavings...and loving it.

I finally broke the ice to ask him for help; I wasn't strong enough to loosen a bolt on the mahine. We joked around after that, helping each other out and making the best of the tedious work.

But I swear my heart stopped. I was struggling to guide the machine to get a smooth cut, so he came over to help. But instead of just demonstrating or explaining, he held my hand over the control and helped me turn the knob at just the right rate. It was cheesy and lame and nerdy all at once, and I think I fell in love in that moment.

I can't wait for class tomorrow.

Finding someone who loves you for who you are, but inspires you to be a better person is a person worth being with no matter what.

It's a Tuesday evening, and you're sitting around at home sadly contemplating the fact that prom is in a month, and he still hasn't asked you.

Yes, him. The perfectly imperfect boy who sets your heart a-flutter with nothing more than a glance. You know the one.

You are pulled out of your reverie by the doorbell ringing. Upon opening the door, you find only a bouquet of ten multicolored balloons. You're confused, but take them inside.

You find a note with the words "help me pop the question" and a thumbtack attached to the strings. You also now notice that the balloons are numbered from one to ten.

Slowly and carefully, you pop each balloon in order one by one. A one-word note flutters down with every pop until you have the result:











You can't believe this is happening. Could it be from the one boy you're hoping for the most?

Suddenly, there is a knock on your door.

To The Impossible Girl,

The more we talk, the harder I fall for you. You're kind, gentle, generous, compassionate, intelligent and beautiful. In other words, flawless. 


Raggedy Man

I love the little things about you.
Your curly hair even though you hate it
The way you can't look me in the eye in person because you're shy
The silly face contests we have
How you try so hard at sports
The way you joke about me being jealous and how I love you.
It's true I really do.
And I really am.
And the way you get jealous when I bring up other girls.
You're adorable
It's like you see right through And me and I can say anything to you.. You're unconventionally beautiful.
I like how your face gets red when I compliment you. You're so down to earth too
it's amazing
You don't even realize you're pretty
I don't understand how any one could put you down.
All I want to do is make you feel like the princess you are.
You wouldn't be another regret
I know its only been a few months but You're perfect and I really truly love you...
But I'm a wimp and I could never tell you that

do you know how cute you are
its like all the stars and the galaxies focused on making you absolutely perfect, flaws and all
and you know what
they succeeded


You know those people who don't know how to be alone? That they always need to be in a relationship? I think I am the opposite... I don't know how not to be alone. I don't know how to be in a relationship... 

Of course, I want to have someone to talk to, someone who is always by my side when things get bad... But I don't know how to let them be there. I've grown too comfortable with my loneliness.

I love silence and the empty side on my bed, but at the same time I wish to have someone to cuddle as I fall asleep. I wish someone to be there for me everyday, but I get tired of people very easily. I want to hold someone's hand as I walk down the street, but I hate the idea of taking my headphones off. 


I only know how to be alone.