me : I really gotta stop crushing on her

her : tells me about her day


Everything seems to be telling me to move forward into something new. Start a new chapter. 

“Perfect time to move forward safely.” 

“A fragile new beginning related to something unexpected.”

And it could be that maybe I should take these hints to start working out again. Maybe the feeling I’ve been having that my time at my current job is drawing to a close, is trying to confirm itself to me.

Or maybe..maybe it has to do with you.

When you catch feelings for a boy whose toilet you flooded

I sorta kinda little lot miss you

I miss you. Hope your doing ok

I absolutely loathe just how easily I get attached and invested in someone. I feel so intensely even from the fleetest of moments.

i wish i could have you but i can't

and it hurts

too much

My dear ones,

It's been a few years since I've been on here. I was deeply, agonizingly in love with a boy who saw me only as a friend (I know so many of you can relate). Then I left college. Went to grad school across the country. And while I was there, I met someone else.

Someone I'm living with now. Someone who has never left me wondering how he feels or what he wants. Someone who talks about us in forever terms. We want the same things in life, we're on the same page. He's warm and funny and dorky and artistic and fit and can cook and plays guitar and loves animals... He is what I want. And I know that I am what he wants, which is even better.

I just want you guys to feel a bit of hope. There's a person out there for you. And you might not know them yet. They might be on the other side of the country, or they might be down the street. Live your lives, do your thing, be brave and adventurous and tell others what you want, and you'll find them too.

Blessings always.

- Funnygirl

Once upon a time, there was a boy who hopped into an uber with a girl on the way to the same bar. They made small talk, intending to go their separate ways. But at the bar, the boy found the girl and asked her to dance. She danced with him and as she was about to step away to dance with someone else, he panicked and kissed her. It must have been one hell of a kiss because four years later, they're getting married

I need to stop romanticizing our relationship.

you were not a good boyfriend. you did not treat me right.