I think about you a lot. The moment I met you I felt something so pure. You’ll never love me the way I love you but I hope you live your best life and remember you are capable of so much more than you think. Decide and follow your heart always. xoxo

i'm not the type to randomly start listening to a whole new genre of music, but when i found out what music you like, i made whole playlist for you. its hours long and i can't stop listening to it.

I'm in love with you

I don't care about the other stuff big or small

I'll love you when I'm 60, 70, or 80

I've loved you this long

even if we're never together

I love you

I have loved you from the moment I saw you

I have loved you for a thousand years and you can't talk me out of it

I will write to you here, because I don't want to hurt you any more or lead you on. I did what I thought was best. I really hope you find someone who can be there for you completely. Someone that you will never be unsure about. I miss you. And I hope you're sleeping well. And I hope your family is okay. And I hope you're okay. I really do. And I miss you.

If loving you means I’m gay, then I’m that. However, if you turn into a potato tomorrow, then I’m whatever it is that is attracted to potatoes. Yes, I’m being silly. But you get the point.

To those who read my letters,

I’m not sending them here, as much, because now I don’t have to send them anonymously.

They’ve arrived at their destination.



Anyone who told you that your smile was like sunshine had clearly never taken a good look at the sun. Rather, I'd say your smile is like dappled sunlight on a hammock or a drizzle of honey. It's sweet.


And I can't look away.

You always said your eyes were different colors and I never believed you. Of course, I never got to look too closely as I was afraid that while I was taking it all in you'd see everything I've desperately been trying to hide. But yesterday in the coffee shop the light hit your eyes just right. One lit up like a blue-green lagoon and the other glowed the same color as the crystal you left on my windowsill.

You always said your hands looked dumb in your videos and rerecorded them until they were up to your standards, but I loved the first take. I imagined your hands tousling my hair in the morning or touching my cheek after a long day, pouring yourself the last cup of tea from the pot or sewing yet another flower onto your already crowded jeans.

Everything you are and everything you do is special. Don't ever forget that.

I'm proud of you, for discovering yourself and for knowing you needed to leave me behind in order to grow.

I love you.

Talking to someone you have feelings for everyday is all great until one day it all stops

Oh no


Back in my head again, she is

Oh no, I think I’ve got a crush on you.


We haven’t seen each other for a few weeks until today. we met at the lab and you took me to a different room to fill me in on new ideas. You took a step back from and just stared at me with the biggest smile, I couldn’t help but reciprocate. Then at the same time we both said “how are you, good? Good!” And smiled again.

It also seemed like you were about to go into a hug but didn’t. When I was about to leave, I reached out for a hug and you gave me one and it was a long big hug. You held me pretty tightly and for a good time. Then I said I was glad you were coming back to the project cause I missed having you around.

On my way out, you were teasing me and giving me a hard time about my campaign but when I texted you later if you wanted one of my campaign shirts, you responded right away with a “hell yes!” (meant a lot especially since you told me earlier that you are bad at responding)

Shoot, I can’t help these silly feelings for you