To all my hopeless romantics and the letters to crushes community,

Here's to hoping that we all meet amazing boyfriends or girlfriends this year and that if we've already found the one, that things continue to get even better and more magical throughout the year.

2016 will be our year and more.

me: *starts to catch feelings for someone*

me: *thinks about them all the time*

me: *doesn't do anything about it at all ever*

The world is full of love that goes unspoken. It doesn't make it less real.

I want a happy ending of my own but that doesn't mean that I'm going to take it away from someone else.

It's like, I want to be in a relationship, but there's no one that I want to be in a relationship with.

Whether it is friendship or something more that will develop between us, I will take it happily, with a smile, and just have fun. Because I am done overthinking it all.


I want to find actual friends to hang out and vibe with and not just acquaintances I just greet on the daily basis.

I'm afraid I'm gonna be a lonely adult.

Fuck him. I will not be miserable all weekend just because he chose her over me.

My love life can be summed up as constantly not trying to look desperate and lonely even though I am.