i am afraid i will spend my entire life trying not to miss you.

So I pulled off your shoes, tucked you in, brought you up a glass of water and Advil then set your alarm. I kissed your cheek and whispered goodbye because I love you too much to be just another notch in your belt.

Dear Letter-Writers,

I've written so many, from so long ago, years, even. In 2012 I was dead in love for someone I don't even know now. A year later, I was washed away by the most pure love anyone could know.

I write this letter, looking at the glimmering little stone on my finger, thinking about cakes and dresses and planning for all the joy that is only 5 months away now. 5 months. 5 months.

He's home. I have to go. This could be my last letter. I found him. I found him.

We're together and there is a whole life ahead of me and suddenly I can't believe I cared so much for someone when I was 15. I can't believe cried over the one who didn't care to have me. I can't believe I wasted a first kiss on someone who tossed me away.

Real love stories are found, not created. Stop searching and it will come.

I found him I found him I found him


roses are red

chocolate is great

i like a girl

i hope she’s not straight

She's a trauma resident (doctor) at a hospital, and I recently texted her asking how she got into that specialty.

She then responded "I love me some blood and guts! Mom always said I was either going to be a murderer or a doctor...and I like to think I chose the right route. All jokes aside, I really love being the person there for them in their worst moments. I find it makes me more humane."

She's such a witty, beautiful person. I can't even comprehend it most days.

We had our third date yesterday. We haven't kissed yet. He spent the night. I felt warm and protected. Guys... I think he's the one. I don't know what it is about him, it's unexplainable. I think he's it. ~My Sun, Your Stars

I ran into the grass by the library and kicked up a pile of leaves. Without a single question he followed me and joined me — and then because I am a violent individual, I scooped up a pile of leaves and threw them at him. He grinned and threw a heap back at me. I turned away, but then felt a touch on my hair.

"You have leaves in your hair," he said, and I stood still while he picked them all out.

"How dare you mess my hair up," I teased, as we went back on the sidewalk. I couldn't help but notice that while we walked to his car, he kept looking at me and every time he would, his face would break out into a wide grin.

Romance as innocent and sweet as this is delightful. :)

I pray you want what i want, but i've also prayed for the strength to gracefully walk away in case you don't

I could’ve fallen so hard for you, but I’ve accepted that we can never be. ill remember you as a beautiful acquaintance whose gaze always gave me butterflies. Whoever ends up with you is very lucky.

You should've seen yourself in my dream last night. You looked so beautiful.