I wasn't even searching for someone, and then I found you.

I could convince myself in all ways possible to not like you and it would work. For about a minute until my conciousness ran over at every pulsing beat of my heart and there I am, immersed in an achingly, intense yearn for you.

I truly miss you...

You're always on my mind but more importantly, you will always have my heart.

We love a queen that makes eye contact with her crush for two (2) seconds and smiles at them as if she’s never used a human face before for no reason

  • I found a job I actually enjoy
  • I finally have a car
  • I’m gradually approaching my fitness goals
  • My hair is growing and my skin is glowing
  • I’m traveling to Europe this summer with one of my dear friends

I still don’t have a man but you know what? Life is grand rn.


u make me feel all soft n mushy ..... i am oatmeal for u........ i want to hold ur hands and kiss u real soft


I felt - I mean, I still feel - like I had just been happily, innocently living my whole life only to have it suddenly, accidentally but unavoidably interrupted by you. Like a rock can travel in the emptiness of space for millions of years and then, bam, it hits another rock that happens to be there, too. In hindsight, it had all been so easy until you somehow showed up, out of nowhere. Even though nothing happened but whatever those conversations were. Yet within seconds I was deep in your thrall. And when all was said and done, and that wasn't much, you didn't understand that. You didn't understand that meeting you hurt me, disturbed me, shook me to my core. You didn't understand that if I had had a choice, I would've wanted never to meet you.

Human connections are so fragile. It’s scary how easily you can mess things up with someone.

The worst part about long distance isn't the goodbyes.

It's the moments right after the goodbyes - it's wiping the tears away and walking out of the airport by yourself. It's driving home alone in the car. Walking back into the empty house. Restarting the countdown that's pinned up on the wall.

I miss you.

Hi you, remember to take a rest ok?

It’s comparable to a constant ache. These feelings for you.