My friends and I took her with us to buy weed, and seeing as she has never smoked before, she was very clearly out of place.

Then a cat walked into the room, and her eyes instantly lit up. Twenty minutes later, it and two others were asleep against her. She looked up at me with guilt written across her face and said "sorry, I really love cats".

Leave it to her to participate in an illegal gathering, just to make friends with the cats. I don't think I've ever been so in love with someone before in my life.

Ok but "friendship" does not feel like this.

I told my girlfriend I wanted a physical day planner because my phone calendar kept messing up...and she bought me one that says "GAY AGENDA" on the cover.

I thought that was the whole joke, but she went in and wrote on literally every page, first thing every morning, "Kiss Alice."

And I have been following this agenda.

This site feels like home.


We kissed 11 times but hey who's counting

Dear LTC,

Requited love is weird.


Someone who has no idea where to go from here

I thought you didn't look my way, or approach me to talk or hang out, or ever hug me or even say hi first, because I meant nothing to you, because you weren't interested in being friends with me.

And then in a flash I realized the exact opposite was the case. That you were experiencing what I've felt so many times. That you didn't look my way (when I was looking) because you were afraid of what I'd see in your eyes, that you never reached out first because you were afraid of coming on too strong- that you were acting that way out of all the insecurities of being in love with someone and not knowing how they feel.

Be bold.

I'll look back at you.

You are never, ever bothering me.

i miss you, but i'll be okay

I guess I'm just not all that interesting.

So I decided to be petty today and put a cute selfie on my snap story hoping you'd see it.

It worked. You just texted me. But I'm not responding. You can go to hell.

~T. Coffee Bean