I cannot be within 20 feet of you, nonetheless the same room.

Not because I hate you or don't want to be around you. Quite the opposite.

I am hyperaware of you. If I have even the slightest possibility of seeing you, I don't act like myself. I can't focus because I'm constantly watching you - not in a creepy stalker way, of course.

You're incredibly distracting in the worst kind of way. I go out of my way to see you even when ignoring you. Because I want you to see me. I want you to think about me, even if it's not good things. I don't mind. As long as I'm on yours.


I think the reason I like you so much is that you're completely unafraid to be exactly who you are, even if it means not having anyone to back you up. There's just something really attractive about you being true and real to yourself.

I sat for three hours in an atmosphere I completely hated for the mere possibility of you being there. You weren't, but at least I found out how much I like you.

"my love," he said, casually about to ask me a question at work.

"omg does that mean he thinks about me at night and is over her??" my heart said, casually answering his question about work.

She is one of the most beautiful people I have ever encountered. Her spirit is full of golden light. And her soul is incredible. Her kind heart is always giving. And she is always smiling.

She is quickly becoming one of my best friends. I have no feelings for her. But I think sometimes a girl just needs to know she is beautiful from head to toe, inside and out.

I've admired you from afar for so long that if you really came over I'd probably forget my own name.

it's funny how i used to not be able to look into the mirror without having a disgusted look on my face and now i can't help but smile and think i'm pretty cute when i glance at myself. 

it's funny how i used to beat myself up because i really thought i was a worthless person and now i can come up with a list of traits i love about myself.

it's funny how in not even a year, my confidence has soared just because i started to accept compliments and believe that it's ok to like myself. 

it is ok to like yourself. 

i hope all you writers remember that. 


How do I keep hope for love in a world like this? I know I'm a dreamer but the realities are starting to creep in too often. I'm holding on to a little hope that there are still good men out there and one of them wants me back. But honestly it gets harder everyday. 

Is it so much to ask that I am a person to be loved mind, body, and soul; rather than a challenge to be conquered? 

I just want to be seen as more than a pretty face and your fantasy. I want to be a person that is worth the time to get to know and to love and to enjoy. I have so much love to give but there seem to be fewer and fewer who deserve it. 

Hey um I really like you. I'm falling for you actually, not a soft fall like your falling into pillows, but the kind that knocks the wind out of you on concrete. And heres the weird part, I don't mind.

I've come to terms with being objectively unfortunate looking. Plus my facial features aren't really the type you can fix with makeup either.

 I'll never be the one you notice first when you walk into a room and that's fine. If I go to school looking like crap one day, no one will care. 

Maybe it'll be a little harder for me to get a date to prom or a job promotion, but who gives a shit. I'm already used to things not being easy anyways.

It's kind of liberating.