and we always looked into each others eyes till i gathered the strength to ask you 'what was it that you were trying to tell me with your eyes' and you decided to tell me the truth that you were dating someone world came to a full stop that day...........

I told my mom about you today...her face lit up...cause she knew....I didn't even have to tell her...I was happy...for once I was finally happy...and she hugged me and said "sweetie..I love you" and let me go and had tears in her eyes...she's likes you a lot, J...

do you ever wonder why some people are introduced in your life?

like they're perfect for you, or so you feel, and you meet them and want to be with them, and then they disappear, or they have a girlfriend, or they're not emotionally available, or they don't see you that way, and you're just sitting there wondering why you have to get your hopes up every damn time just to have it end up exactly the same way as before.

just a thought.

it was halloween night and we were walking home together. predictably, some dumb decoration went off and made a noise and it freaked us out (you're adorable when you're worried tbh). as we were running you grabbed my hand and i didn't think anything of it, until, even after we slowed down, you didn't let go. even after the supposed danger had passed you didn't show any signs of wanting your hand back. and after a few minutes you looked down and told me that you liked this. i smiled and looked away but tightened my grip on your hand. i could tell you were about to kiss me.

but i woke up - holding my own hand.


What's sadder than two people growing apart is one person continuing to grow while the other just stays the same. It's like living with a time capsule, constant reminders of the past that you can't get away from. You're here, but they're living in the memories of years ago. It's like you board a ship without them and as you drift off further to sea, they become smaller and smaller to the point you can't even see them anymore.

Saddest shit ever.

I had a dream about marrying you and I was so happy and in the dream I had no doubt in my mind I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I was so happy.

5 years ago, I chanced upon LTC by accident. Hours were wasted away scouring through this page and gushing. I remember I longed for the day when I could meet The One and he was never far from my fantasies

4 years ago, I had my first crush. Excitedly, I logged onto my computer and punched out a hurried, breathless, confession of new love. He was everything I thought a guy should befunny and with a lopsided grin that made my heart go ba-bump.

My hopes were crushed 2 weeks later, when he didn't want to lend me his favourite green pencil. These sorrows were also conveyed onto my sorrowful and tearful letter on this website.

3 years ago, I had my first boyfriend. We were awkward and gawky and never meant to last. Yet, I pounced on this website and fantasised what we could and might be: him, a charming prince and I, a fair maiden. But yet, they were but fantasies.

2 years ago, I experienced my first heartbreak, where the only guy I ever only thought I truly loved left me. It was wrenching, twisting and painful but the only thing I could think of was to log onto this page and relay this message to the lovely LTC community so supported me, gave me strength and encouraged me.

1 year ago, I found true love. I had sprained my ankle and he piggy-backed me all the way home. During that time, he found out that the thing I loved most in the world were dark chocolate fudge brownies filled with oozing white chocolate from the bakery down town. The very next day, he turned up at my house with a box full of them and a note attached that said: I know you said you loved these brownies, but I guess you love me more now ;)

Right now, we still stay up to 3am in the morning talking about the craziest things in the world and just recently, I told him about this lovely community.

Dear LTC readers, LTC will forever and always hold a special place in my heart, but there's always time for a goodbye. Wishing every single one of you love and hope

Love, R

I'm terrified of love. It is an distorted concept to me. My mind is altered to believe love is conditional. Although I know in my heart it is not... I don't know how to use it correctly

Additionally, I am physically not able to love someone as much as they love me. I am in a constant state of malaise and irritability. I am weak and unstable and frightened. I need a hug, but at the same time, that's the last thing I need.

I am so scared.

She's the love of my life. She's my everything. She's always on my mind. I always want to be with her, and hug her and kiss her and tell her just how much I love her.

The best bit is, she feels the same way.

My iPod playlist is the little box you keep underneath your bed that stores memories of all the boys you've ever felt anything for. It's pages of diary filled with doodles and their surnames next to yours and tears and love quotes and names that will make you smile again years later. 

I have a song for the boy who had the most beautiful smile--the tall, awkward boy with the voice I couldn't believe was his. I have a song for the boy who danced and wears a yellow button down in every math test--the boy who I found out had a girlfriend who danced as well as he did. And I have a song for the boy who would chat with me till three am, but couldn't talk to me in person, who talked business like nobody's business, who I was never really sure really fell for his best friend.

I have a song for every one of them, and sometimes I like to put my iPod on shuffle and remember them and the girl I was then.