Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were really important to me in my childhood, and set the standard for which I judge all relationships in my life, romantic or otherwise. (This got easier when I was thirteen and realized I was in love with Hermione and not Ron, but they still hold the same place in my heart.)

It couldn't have been a clean, quick piercing 'no.' You had to turn in into a long, slow, poisonous maybe...

I hate the phrase "You'll find love when you stop looking". I'm sure we've all heard some version of that. It's false, and stupid, and contradictory. It should be, "You'll find love when you stop freaking out". 

I was freaking out about finding love for three years. It sucked, and practically drove me into therapy. Also, it was ridiculously ineffective and almost lost me some very close friends. Then, I decided to stop caring. If something happened, great. If not, I was just gonna be me. And in one week, I had been asked out by three separate guys.

I have a sneaking suspicion that we are more transparent than we think. If all we are thinking about is love, and where Mr. or Ms. Right is, it's going to show through. We get panicky, and messy, and uptight - and worst of all, we stop being ourselves because the world has told us we need to be different, sexy, mysterious, coy, sarcastic, what-have-you, if people are going to love us. Which is false.

So don't stop looking. That's stupid. Keep washing your hair. Wear something sexy. Put on makeup. Go to parties. But please stop freaking out.

Sometimes I just stare at pictures of you and wonder how different things could've been between the two of us.

I like food. You like food. I like you. I'm not sure you like me. I'm not making any sense but I just really want to stop making a lasagna for one.

I want to be there for you for everything, good and bad.

I want to cheer when you're successful. I want to hold you close and sympathize when you're upset. I want to protect you and take care of you when you're vulnerable.

I'm here for you always and I love you beyond belief.

Anyone ever have a magical dream about their crush and wake up like DAMNIT!!!!

It's ok to fall out of love with somebody. It's unfortunately how life goes sometimes.  

Yes, you will feel incredibly guilty. Yes, you will feel sad about it for months. But yes, you will fall for someone new in time.


Our entire relationship is me saying "thank you" and you saying "your welcome" while you hold the door open for me and 11 other people. Nice