if katy perry has the courage to ride on a giant lion then i can probably find the courage to ask for your number

When you think about it, hair ties are one of the most subtly beautiful things on this planet.

They were there when you had a little too much to drink with your best friends. Laughing, dancing, making memories that you probably actually forgot.

They were there when you were so determined you ran for miles. You felt amazing and covered in drops of sweat.

They were there when you sat down with your instrument or art supplies and tried your hardest to throw your heart into every hand movement.

They were there for the intimate moments, too. The ones where your hair falls over your face in curtains and all you want is to kiss him without interruptions.

They were there for all the bad hair days, or even the days you just didn't want to get out of bed, but you did.

No matter how significant or insignificant, hair ties have a story to tell. Even if it's just a short time before you lose it.

You gave me my first kiss yesterday.You hadn't known that it was so.  I had my mouth closed and my eyes open as you tried to continue kissing me. My unusual response made it short but magical. My heart flattered as you then pulled away and then looked directly at my eyes to see my reaction.

A day later I think to myself:  

I wished to have kissed you back, but hadn't known what to do with my lips. I responded by giving you hugs instead. 

I wish you'd teach me. . . 

Eat a pint of ice cream in one sitting. Learn a 10 minute song on the guitar just because. Open your closet and try on every single dress you have. Go to the biggest hill in your town and go sledding. When someone says something funny, laugh. Just laugh as hard as you can and don't care about anyone around you. Take 40-minute long showers.  

Do the little things to the most extreme you can. Because living life to the fullest doesn't have to be jumping off cliffs and going skydiving. It can be simply enjoying everything in your life as much as you possibly can.

Last night we were in Hastings renting some movies for movie night and I told you I wanted to look at the discount books for just a minute. Whilst looking, you found one of those books that tells you what your birthday means and all of that so I read yours and then read the strengths and weaknesses for that birthday. We agreed they were pretty accurate. So then you said we should look at mine.

I said,"oh yeah let's see what my weaknesses are." 

While I was looking for the page with my birthday I heard you quietly say, "but you're perfect."

so I said, "What?"

and you said, "Oh..um, I was just reading the title of that book over there..." and you pointed to a book about how to build cars.

You are so adorable, how are we not dating?

I want to take warm showers with you and put on comfy pyjamas’ and fall asleep in your arms, or beside you with an absent minded hand in your hair, looking into each other’s eyes until our eyelids get too heavy, I want to wake up to you whispering sweet nothings in my ear, I want to cook us breakfast and kiss you soft and lingering, I want to go on adventures with you, see beautiful places and learn new things, I want us to bring out the best in each other, I want to watch the sunset with you and talk about the sky and some nights I want to stay up talking to you all night, I want to lose our filters from being drowsy, I want to hear what your soul thinks, I want to wake up early and watch the sunrise from a rooftop, I want to talk with you about quantum physics and watch art house movies, I want to make art with you, I want us to have inside jokes, I want to call you darling and talk about the future, I want us to take care of each other, I want you to know that I trust you and I want to make sure I am always worthy of your trust, you said according to quantum physics if something is possible then there is an alternate universe where it’s reality, I really hope I got the universe where this lasts.

I do notice you. I always have. I could probably quote one of your tweets from two years ago. I still pay attention to everything you do. We have so much in common, it's hard not to. This is just a fucked up, confusing situation I'm in. I hope you understand.

All I want is coffee, bacon, and french fries.
And you. You fit in there somewhere.

When I look you in the eyes I am suddenly all too aware of my heartbeat. The steady, rhythmic beating of my pulse seems to beat stronger whenever I catch your glance. In that moment when I feel my heart thump heavily, it reminds me that I am human. And for a moment, I am scared.
Then I wonder if you feel the same as I do. If your heart beats the same as mine whenever we look to each other. If you feel just as scared, just as human as I do.

That cute little freckle by your nose will be the death of me.