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1000 letters.

I kinda always thought it would be you because

I kinda think it was already you.

love is fine.. not delusion.

now that unsent letters is down for now i can get my ass off these sites

Now that I don't see you anymore, I started to see you in my dreams repeatedly. No contact isn't helping at all

I catch myself thinking about whether we’ll reach a point where we look back at all our texts, laugh at how oblivious—or aware—we were of each other’s attempts to push the needle further toward admitting feelings. I wonder if we’ll get to a point where we don’t need or care about plausible deniability. 


part of this whole thing we have reminds me of the movie “A Cinderella Story” with Hilary Duff. we’re not strangers chatting anonymously and we certainly haven’t had a dance together in a gazebo—yet. but the kind of click, the connect, that we have is…like Sam and Austin.

there should be a function to report letters/comments on here

I will always be your "Missy"

I miss you so much. I think of you often and wish things worked out differently.

Even though I am married now and have a child. I secretly wish it was you I was with. I miss the fun times we had, the talks we had, and the sound of your voice.

I've always wanted to take care of you and regret what happened. I'm hoping that someday we will bump into each other and we can reconnect. It's been so many years and I'd love to see you again.

I know it's not likely too happen, so I do hope you are happy and found someone that thinks about you like I do and treats you the way you deserve to be treated.

I miss you so much

You rejected me, but the electricity is still there. I can see the way you are drawn to me yet actively pull yourself away. You feel it too, so please stop lying to yourself.

Please tell me what is going on in your brain