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When somehow deep inside you're still hoping they miss you like you miss them.


why are you doing this to me

How much longer am I going to cry and hurt over someone who was never mine? Is it because I never got closure? Is it because I was delusional for so long? Is it because I believed I had finally found a friend and was oh so very wrong? Is it because I truly have no idea how you really felt about me and I fear the worst? Why must I be so attached to you if it can never be? I have only questions that will never be answered. All I know is I love you so much and you will never know.

ik he‘ll never see this he’d probably think this is dumb but he had always said no one liked him but i did and now he’s popular and we don’t talk and i miss him so much nathan if you see this just talk to me please i miss you, i love your eyes, your smile ,your voice and personality and honestly just everything i saw how you looked at me yesterday i know you want to talk to me please i want our friendship back a least i don’t even know why it stopped -isa

I'm sorry we couldn't figure it, I don't know how to get over it. I don't think I can ever really stop loving you

I wish there was some way to put a cast on my broken heart. Or at least a fence to keep memories of you from crashing into it over and over again like they are now.

I so love my boyfriend 🥰

Some days I think that what we had was simply just an illusion I came up with in my head. Some days I convince myself none of it was real, that our love was a figment of my imagination. It’s easier that was, not remembering.

Henry, Henry, Henry.

I think you’re perfect.

I wonder if we had met in another universe, would things be different?

Thank you for making me smile and laugh every day that I see you.

your face is so sweet! and you’re so genuinely nice and you’re so talented!