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I was smiling like an idiot after everytime I saw you. Do u secretly smile for me too?

-Rainbow Romantic

You're at a bar for your friends birthday. I'm home. Just watching tv like normal with our cat. You're mad at me for accidentally sharing personal info... I'm going a little crazy with paranoia that while you're mad you are out at the bar...

You find cheating abhorrent , and hate it fiercely, but I'm so flipping vulnerable to you that is terrifying.

Question: If you had a magic power what would it be?

Answer: To be desirable

i'm so deep in this crush it's ridiculous

Maybe you weren't the one for me

But deep down I wanted you to be

I'll still see you in my dreams

All the things that I did for you, just wasn't it for you

Dear my favourite month of the year,

It rained today. You offered me a ride home from the movie and I gladly took the opportunity. On the way back we talked about shows we watched when we were little and you briefly mentioned us having a codename: kids next door marathon. Hopefully it doesn't end up like most of our other plans that we brush aside and forget about.

I may not have held your hand like I wanted but I still feel like I'm getting somewhere...slowly. I see you again on Sunday so I guess fate is giving me another chance.

P.S. - That Sextrology book might end up being your birthday present :P

- me

i'm trying, can't you see that?

i know you’re still in love with me. I can see it in your eyes.

i'm writing a story about falling out of love, but it's kind of hard to do when i've never even fallen in love. i know what love feels like. i know how to express romantic love, and people have told me that i'm good at it. but when all i want to do is love, all i want to do is spread love, how am i supposed to write about losing it? what does falling out of love feel like?

Everyone deserves love. Even me. I just wish I could believe it.-A Short Romantic