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Relationships are really a risk.

Imagine investing so much time and energy into someone and the relationship falls apart due to differences or infidelity.

It’s not a risk I’m willing to take, tbh.


If you ever noticed my presence there then you'll may notice my absence today. I chose to stay away. It hurts to see you week after week pretend like you don't know me. Like our friendship never existed. I don't know you're reason to behave like this however i certainly don't deserve it.

True love doesn't need proof you just need to look after it.

What do you mean? Why you blaming the other person when you never initiated anything too. Is it the other persons responsibility to always initiate? Or are you just a cruel person by nature?

So now we are like....enemies? We don’t even say hi to each other

i wish it turned out differently

Who the fuck says they have a question but then they don't ask it. I really want to know what you wanted to ask, bruh.

Don't worry ladies; theres plenty of fish in the sea. Dont let any man tell you your not worthy of being loved.

How can you miss someone you don't even check up on or talk to unless they are the ones initiating?

No worries we can just act like we don’t care anymore.