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In the end, it doesn’t matter what he thinks. I wasn’t a bad person, but even if I was, there was no way he would have known one way or the other. I didn’t have a record of doing bad things, and he only spent about 20 minutes in my presence ever. Misogyny sucks.


You live in Melbourne now, yet we speak every single day and it's really nice talking to you. We both flirt with each other, it's banter, it's fun and it's a little silly - at least we both know we do it and we stir each other because of it.

You have told me you have a "hot date" on the weekend, which I am very excited for you and I only want you to be happy.

I thought maybe you would have backed off with the flirty texts etc - but you haven't. I asked "what about your hot date?" and you said you're still single, which is true - you are.

I don't think either of us have feelings for each other - well, strong ones to say the least - but I'm beginning to think there's something very small there.


I’ve been feeling a lot of anger towards you recently. That’s new, for me. It’s not that I thought you were perfect or faultless before. I know that you’re not. But I guess I’m tired of being forgiving towards someone who hasn’t made a single ounce of effort towards me.

I’m mad because I have a feeling you still love your ex, and she may still love you. I’m mad at you because you’re living your life and you’re moving on and I’m still stuck here. I’m mad at you for a lot of other reasons, too. I just don’t know how to verbalize them yet. That’s how new they are to me.

I don’t know if I’m beginning to feel these feelings of anger for a specific reason. Am I finally starting to work you out of my system? Am I finally going to be able to get over you? We’ll see.

I have never been in love, and everyday I pray for my soulmate. Is it bad that every guy I see, I think ‘are you the one?’. I’m so scared of love passing me by, of me making a mistake, of me messing it up. I’d rather be cautious and be aware of the first eye contact, the first meeting and the first everything.

I'm not trying to say the way I do things is right or ok, just trying to make explain why I guess. I'm not proud of myself by any means.

I'm ok with being the 'bad guy' in this situation. I have to ultimately protect myself because nobody else is going to protect me or pick up the mess if I fall apart.

I do however know that someone that truly likes you wouldn't flirt with other people in front of you to make you feel bad or diminished. I at least know that much.

I don't really understand love and all that. I honestly have to search things like how to tell if someone truly likes you because I haven't really had a relationship that wasn't abusive and f'd up.

I'm not over it. I'll never get over it until you approach me. I was always very honest about how I felt. You should trust me and take me to lunch sometime. I have the data stored in my head which you need.

What's going on with this site?

It's not healthy to write something like I wanna d...

I don't know

Maybe this could help I guess (It's for US I think)

We need to be kind

We need to love ourselves and love each other

Maybe some days are harder than others but you're worthy and I'm so sure that I'm not wasting my time by writing this because it can mean something to someone

Reach for help if you have to

Take your time


Enjoy nature


Life's an adventure every day

You can learn something every single day

Your life is important