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1000 letters.

So you put people down because of your insecurities? You got problems dude.


You've been in my thoughts lately. I don't understand why, after so long, I can't get you out of my head.


i can't wait to find a man that will love me for who i am and not just because of my looks :)

Lost cause. Good night.

I could honestly say the same thing. Just mirroring each other.

You probably just wanted attention.

There you go standing around like you can't stand anything.

letters to crushes becomes letters to everyone who visits this site

I'm stronger than I look bc I have to be. People use and abuse me endlessly but I get right back up. I return wickedness with kindness, not out of foolishness, but rather out of choice. I may receive the toxic, but I refuse to stoop to the level of giving it back

Seriously, go fuck yourself!

You made no effort to strike up a genuine friendship with me.

I wasn’t worth your time.

You treated me as less than you.

I saw you as my equal.

Of course I got mad.

Because, perversely, you say you loved me!!