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Only so many times you can cancel on someone until your words lose meaning. Last chance tomorrow.

When I started high school I was a shy, innocent, and sensitive girl. I didn’t have any friends and I was so stressed out that I attempted suicide more than once. I had no one to talk to and no shoulder to lean on. I was a mess. Then I met my best friend. And we met our other best friend. We were on top of the world. Halfway through 1st semester sophomore year I was told I was moving to a different state in less than a month. My birthday was a couple weeks away and I wouldn‘t be able to spend it with my best friends. I finished the year strong. Now I’m in my junior year. I met you in one of my classes and it was love at first sight. I don’t know what you think about me. I know you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Yes you have a girlfriend and yes you are a Senior and you will probably be leaving this horrible state for college. But I can’t give up on you. I can’t lose you. Hopefully you know how much I like you and you may feel the same. You’re the only thing keeping me here, keeping me from becoming my freshman self all over again.


You are delusional, you know that? How are you the adult and mature one when your life is a disaster?

Hella heart eyes for this Kid dude. I don’t know what to do. Do I tell him. He has a girlfriend so I don’t want to tell him that I really like him

I kissed a woman and a man the other night-both times I pretended it was with you! I don't even know where my head is right now

so its been about 2 months... i wish i could just stop counting...

C. H.

I can’t stop thinking about you. I really really like you. Please tell me you feel the same.



I wasn't expecting you.

You and your smile and dad dancing came out of nowhere.

And now here I am dreaming about you teaching our kids how to play catch and holiday dinners.



So. My so called “love life” has come to shit. One of the guys Ive Been talking to snap chatted me from another girls Bed and the other now tells me about all the girls he has sex with every weekend. So this is great. Yay me.


Architecture Girl

It's been a while since we saw each other.

Its hard now because we've been so busy with our projects this semester and I just don't seem to find the free time to spend time with you again. You've been everywhere lately: Back home for the weekend, London for you group project; And I'm just here wondering why haven't I done anything yet?

I remember you telling me that weekends are better and that we can chill at around November time, but I hope Uni isn't going to affect this. I really want to see you again!