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I appreciate your presence and what it offers. Not just the things you do, but how you make me open my eyes and see the real me that I tend to hide from evwn myself. The way you make me face my fears and demons. And the way you recognize when I am not ready to and back off and stop pushing. That is why i love u

I always find myself looking back and asking myself why wasn’t I good enough?

Why wasn’t I worth it? Why didn’t you want to spend time with me, carving pumpkins or ice skating at Christmas or anything like that.

Why was I just someone who was there whenever u were lonely or needed some company? Why wasn’t I valued enough to deserve them things?

what do you do if you have a crush on your friend who has a boyfriend!!

hey bee if you’re reading this you’re the most adorable and attractive girl in the whole world and I’d do anything for you please come and kiss me senseless any time preferably now

looool i dont whant you :O

is really my x back on here ???

I adore you and I would literally worship you it should be - could be - me. and not him


congrats on your engagement. It's a weird feeling but i'm glad you're happy and i didn't "ruin" marriage for you as you initially said. Idk, maybe one day we will run into each other again. Maybe one day we can be friends. only time will tell. still miss ya like crazy tho haha.



You're not meant to judge her for sleeping around and encouraging other little girls to sleep around and become incapable of pair bonding like herself.

Yet she'll judge you on your appearance, education, height, accent, net worth & how good with women you are. 

Yeah get the fuck outta here with that double standard.