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He thinks she’s angelic but she’s more like an evil serpent dripping in poison

You’re highly educated, super smart, authentic, you’re cultured with a huge range of interests, you’re funny, you’re sassy, and you have beautiful values. Plus, I’ll say it, you’re hot. Do you know how attractive that is?

Did your license get suspended for driving crazy... cause you’re driving me crazy. 

This desire and hatred connection ain't ending anytime soon, as I've been anticipating. When I'm at my lowest, I resort to any Divine Source and beg for it to come to an end, 'cause I don't bear the ache anymore.  We are the Lovers and also The Devil, two in one being. Why does this happen?  Such archetype hits hard. Our beloved friend already gave me this advice: 

“Deep down, you like him. Just control where it goes, so this doesn't hurt you. ”

And he's right. Spot on. You sparked most of the emotional spectrum in me. Some, I didn't realize until I just decided to embrace it.  Yeah, Shadow Work used to scare the hell out of me, I only have to thank this nowadays.  I felt jealous of you. Pissed off. Treated unfairly. Highly suspicious of your intentions. And somehow I like it when I know that I'm the one who pops in your head, who you're craving, It makes me feel good. Mostly when you tell me what are your favorite things involving me.  Projects I join. What I create and stuff I share with you.

We're in some weird power struggle, you're the dominating type and I love to strike a nerve, that's how I show you that we're on par.  To the Hell with thinking I'm submissive, inferior or just a tool. When I decide to speak, it leaves you cornered.  Did you expect me to just swallow anything I have to say and just cry like a defeatist? Where's the fun in doing it? I get the satisfaction in seeing you not getting any so easily to the ol' sadistic you dismay.

This is the mess going on in my heart and my mind. One day, I'll let you know, or I might not tell you anything at all. We will see where it goes.

If it's meant to cross a cellphone screen and make it come alive in person.

We do our part. May the cosmos be in our favor. It always knows better.

A letter from me,

The Red Angel.

The Red 2.0 (your favorite)

And the Revamped One.

You saw my nickname that I’ve had since I was little when I was trying to show you something else. I eventually realised and got rid of it yet you had this smirk written across your face, I wasn’t sure what you were thinking though I felt embarrassed by it. I hope your smirk wasn’t in a mean way

I pray and ask you father give us a better lifestyle a house vechile happiness money and not suffer living this depressing life me and my family anymore amen 🙏

Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?

It’s been months since I last saw you and for some reason, I keep holding onto you. I wish you’d open up and talk to me. I don’t know why I keep holding on when you probably moved on by now. I hope you never forget me at least. I’ll just be sitting here thinking what we could’ve been…

i love you

thats it