I'm trying to figure out where to begin.

I am 67 and have a grand daughter that likes this site. She doesn't believe in love though.

Well, I have been married to my wife since we were eighteen, but really time doesn't matter because what we have is eternal and I discover more things that are beautiful about her everyday.

I like the way her wrists are shaped, her hair is almost nearly askew in her bun, and how she breaths. I just want to feel her heartbeat and laugh at the ridiculous meals she prepares.

We're not perfect. Hell, no relationship is perfect.  But, we're a bunch of haphazard pieces that make something so amazing. I would want to be with her everyday, regardless.

Just believe in initiation. Believe in yourself. Believe in the creases that form around the person you love's mouth as they smile.

And thanks, Laurie, for teaching me how to love. You're my forever crush.

-Ray, a grandfather that knows love exists.