I have always, and I mean ALWAYS, been the type of person who hides behind my hair. The only time I've worn it up since middle school has been alone in my apartment where I knew no one would see me. And not just that, but I have ALWAYS felt the need to curl or straighten it in order to distract from my own personal insecurities. You do what you can type of thing, you know?

Well last night my best friend's grandfather died, and I was up until way past morning light taking care of her and making sure she was alright. After only two hours of sleep, I got up and decided 'screw it', then threw my hair into a ponytail.

I dreaded walking through the doors of work, knowing that everyone would have some sort of reaction or comment to make. I bit my lip the entire drive in panicking about it.

When I first rounded the corner past his desk he stated "Holy shit.." and I kind of gave him an insecure smile. He put down what he was working on, stood up, and walked over to me. "Holy shit.." he repeated.

I was about to walk away, totally embarrassed at how much of a mess I looked, until he said "Everyone knew you were cute, but I never realized you were this cute!" He chuckled, then cocked his head to the side. "You should wear your hair back more!"

And I've honestly never felt so on top of the world.

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  • anonymous lover
29 days ago

oh my gosh, this is freaking adorable!!! xD

  • anonymous lover
29 days ago

Awww so sweet!

  • anonymous lover
14 days ago

That's what kind of person I am. I never ever wear my hair up outside because I feel like putting it up is taking off a layer of protection around my face, my face is really round and I think the hair creates some actual lines. But this gave me a little confidence.

  • anonymous lover
14 days ago

Omg! A post has never given me as much feels as this one. I'm happy that what he said gave you confidence and I hope something happens between the two of you!!

  • positivelynegative
13 days ago

I love this!

  • dont need a name
11 days ago

thats weird because i rarely ever wear my hair down...but its not due to any insecurities its just that i live in a really windy area so when i wear my hair down the wind blows it all over the place

  • anonymous lover
10 days ago

i love this so much! I'm like you too. I've never worn my hair up to school the whole day unless it's in science where we have to (but I always take it out after, and I have science first period, so no one really sees me with my hair up). I think I don't look good with it up, but idk.. Your story gives me hope and maybe a little confidence in myself. ;)

  • anonymous lover
5 days ago

Amazing. I love stories like this, maybe things like this would happen to me one day ❤

  • stardust
2 days ago

I decided to wear my hair up today, and when I did, I remembered your letter. I felt beautiful after that :) Have a great day!

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