I found this website back when I was in high school; the last two years of which I spent crushing hopelessly on a guy.

I wrote about it on here. I wrote about going on a date with a guy to a terrible movie.

Then, a year or so later, we actually started dating. I wrote about it on here again. It was a success story. The awkward girl had finally landed the boy she'd liked for years.

It lasted about two years. We broke up. It hurt more than I could have ever imagined. He did it over text. My success story had been shattered, my cute love story had come to a screeching halt, in the most anticlimactic way.

But the one doesn't hurt you like he hurt me. He doesn't lead you on before he ever dates you. He doesn't go behind your back and talk to other girls while you are dating. He definitely doesn't end it with you over text.

It took a year before I dated again. I'm now a year into a relationship with a guy I actually trust; a feeling I had never had with my ex. We have similar interests, we want similar things out of life, and most importantly, we care about each other.

Your crush or your boyfriend may not end up being who you want them to be, but it's okay. Your love story is still out there.

And while my ex hurt me, I wouldn't take it back. I grew as a person, I matured, and I learned through my heart ache that I am resilient. It has made me a more empathetic person.

Giving your heart away holds a certain amount of risk, but it's worth it regardless.


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  • anonymous lover
one year ago

Unique name.

  • anonymous lover
one year ago

^^ that's what I was thinking!

But that aside I'm glad you found somebody that was worth it.

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