You are beautiful, in ways that no one else seems to see. And maybe you are not beautiful to everyone, but you are beautiful to that select few: that few that like to look into your eyes and that find comfort in the tones of your voice. You are beautiful to those that find mystery in your mind, in your habits, in the laughter that spills out between your lips unexpectedly. You are beautiful in the way you glance at people and the way you stare. In the way your heart ticks, your breath frosts the air on a cold morning, the way you lather your body with soap in the shower. You are beautiful, you are beautiful, you are beautiful.

Please don't forget it.

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  • lonely.
one year ago

thank you

  • anonymous lover
one year ago

Beautifully written.

  • J
one year ago

thank you :')

  • Sara
one year ago

Thank you from someone who feels ugly and inadequate every single day.

  • green eyes
one year ago

As are you xx

  • Growing Too Fast
one year ago

Wow, that was the most amazing speech I've ever heard in my life. You are very inspiring!

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