Dear younger me,

I just wanted to give you an update, because I know you are struggling so much right now.

This week, you did something amazing. You came out to your cousin, sister, Allie, and Carina. They know you are trans, and they still love you.

Right now, you feel stuck, and lost. You feel like you aren't going anywhere, but I promise you will find the courage soon. Now, all I have to do is tell mom and dad, then go to the school. I'm making progress for you. I know you like pushing it off for the sake of other people, but I need to take care of us right now. So, please don't worry. You will actually get there!

I love you,


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  • anonymous lover
24 days ago

You're an example of love. Because you know how to truly accept love from yourself. Thankyou for being You and being here.

  • Seth (OP)
24 days ago

It took me a long time, and I still have a really low self esteem, but I'm working on it. You seem like a lovely person. Thanks for the comment!

  • anonymous lover
24 days ago

Aw, thanks Seth for inspiring us to love ourselves. For sure you'll get there. You can do that. Achieve! ;)

  • Seth (OP)
17 days ago

You guys are so sweet! Thank you again for the comments, they pick me up and push me along!

  • Growing Too Fast
6 days ago

Wow that's really brave of you to do that. Remember that no matter what, god and Jesus loves you and we are here to support each other!

- Growing Too Fast

  • anonymous lover
5 days ago

Love this, u go👏👏

  • anonymous lover
4 days ago

this is beautiful. thanks for inspiring the closeted trans people on this website with your words. keep doing you <3

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