Here's to us, LTC.

Here's to the sleepless nights and the over-analysis.

Here's to the beautiful moments of overjoy and love and the beautifully tragic ones of heartbreak.

Here's to the anticipation, the lead up, the let down, the loving, the leaving.

Here's to saying what shouldn't be said, to not saying what needs to be.

Here's to the eyes that say more than words can, the held hands that mean so much more for us than for the other.

Here's to doing the right thing, the wrong thing, the bad timing, and the serendipitous encounters.

Here's to finding the one in the wrong one, the right one at the wrong time.

Here's to looking for love in all the wrong places, and finding it somewhere we never expected.

Here's to our hurt, to surviving through it all and mending and growing and getting back on our feet.

Here's to our victories, to finally understanding what we deserve and getting it.

Here's to our love.

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  • anonymous lover
one year ago

Thank you for writing this. I'm in love with your writing <3

  • NB
one year ago

Beautifully written. Thank you for this!

  • anonymous lover
one year ago

this is so beautiful thank you for this :')

  • anonymous lover
one year ago

Here here!!

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