I know living in the past is unhealthy

But that's where you are.

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  • anonymous lover
8 months ago

I totally feel this. *hugs*

  • Home
8 months ago

Me, three.

  • anonymous lover
8 months ago

Love this

  • Steve
8 months ago

We love bein' unhealthy don't we! >=D

  • E
8 months ago

Wow this is beautiful.

  • anonymous lover
8 months ago

I do love being unhealthy. 🍔🍟🍕🍦🍩🍪

  • a f
7 months ago

and they think we're weak for feeling this way

they dont know our stories

  • rememberthekey
6 months ago

This made me gasp for breath it was so achingly true.

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