I asked you to send me a playlist of your favorite songs.

This playlist has 53 songs.

I think you think I won't actually listen to them, but I am spending 3.5 hours listening to every single one of them and writing little comments on how I feel about each one.

Because your music is important to you. So, it's important to me, too.

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  • anonymous lover
11 months ago

This reminds me of someone I use to know I wish I could once more because we could talk about and listen to music all day just by me asking what I should listen to that day

  • anonymous lover
11 months ago

this is the sweetest thing anyone could ever do for me, I wish i had someone care that much for me :)

  • TheFirstRead
11 months ago

Damn I wish I knew someone like you XD

  • :3
11 months ago

awe this is so cute. i think id be dead if music didn't exist.

  • kittinsleeves
10 months ago

After he shows me songs, I always download them so I can listen to them and be reminded of him : )

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