We were hiking through the woods at night, heading back to your car. You stopped behind me at a clearing and pointed up towards the moon. Venus was twinkling beside it. The air was still, the night was warm, and the ground below us was bathed in moonlight.

This was about as picturesque and romantic as it could get, so I quickly turned around to look at you and maybe have a nice moment. Apparently you'd had the same thought - I caught you mid-pucker, eyes shut, looking completely ridiculous while on your way to kiss my cheek. I squeaked from surprise, laughed out loud, then pecked you on the lips.

"You turned too fast!" you exclaimed. You started walking quickly, hiding your embarrassment. If I'd had any sense, I would've spun you around right there for a real kiss, but I didn't because we're just a couple of awkward goons - good at joking and good at kissing, but not so good at the in-between.

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  • leslie
11 days ago

I'm new hello

  • anonymous lover
7 days ago

This is so cute

  • anonymous lover
7 days ago

ok hello this is adorable and the last line is killing me you're so cute

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