Today, my dad and i went out to lunch. I mentioned that i was the only one who asked how my grandfather was doing at the time of his wife's 3 year death mark. To which my dad responded, 'your aunt said nothing?' And i say 'no. Because she doesn't care about anyone' 'don't go there, stop it. Im not saying anything negative about anyone'

No. Open your fucking eyes and realize your sister doesn't give a rats ass about her family. She only cares about herself and the family she was married into. That family comes first. Not her almost 80 year old father who lost the love of his life. I swear. My family is full of the most selfish people. Its hard to believe the level of uncaring and passive behavior towards someone we claim to love. Sorry if i speak my mind. You're a dick for not allowing me to vent my frustrations. If it hurts, maybe you should re-evaluate your fucking morals and priorities.

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