Now I remember.

I said "no". I said "please, stop", I said "I don't think I can do this again"...

It's all clear now. Just because I have feelings for you, doesn't mean it wasn't rape.

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  • E
23 days ago

Stay strong <3

  • M
23 days ago

Stay strong, ma love <3

  • anonymous lover
23 days ago


  • anonymous lover
23 days ago

THIS. And the not remembering!

I'm so proud of you ❤️

  • green eyes
21 days ago

Stay strong!

So proud of you knowing that it wasn't your fault and being comfortable enough to share your experience.

I hope it only gets better from here xx

  • OP
21 days ago

Thank you all for the encouragement and the kind words, but you do not have to worry. I'm doing okay.

  • Jamie
8 days ago

Sending you love, stay strong. May everything be well for you :)

  • Aiyana
7 days ago

Praying for you❤️ I hope all is well.

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