this morning i slept in. my best friend called, waking me up, his reassuring voice gently piecing me together again. there are few in this life who can do that- remind you of who you are without a single relevant word. just his presence is enough. as the universe throws punch after punch at him, sometimes i think he'll break-but he never does. he just smiles steadily, grabs my hand; "we'll have better days...let's go for a drive and yell a little." or "i got us coffee, let's go to the miracle spot, that'll fix us." how can one person endure so much and still be so full of life? it baffles me. i'd give him my heart if he asked...but i know he won't. we both belong to other people, andĀ perhaps it's better that way. but even if he did? would i know how to give it? i don't remember what it was like to love fully think in poetry, and colors. but if anyone could help me remember, it's probably him.


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