So I guess that's it. I'm never gonna go on a date with you or sit in the front seat while you drive and we sing James Blunt at the top of our lungs. I'm never gonna cuddle up to you on a sofa watching those romantic comedies i love. I'm never gonna fly on an airplane with you, holding your hand tightly as we ascend. I'm never gonna text you love hearts at the end of each text and receive kisses in return. I'm never gonna walk down the aisle and meet you at the altar. I'm never gonna plan your surprise birthday party and invite our family and friends.

We will never kiss. ill never kiss you and hug you before you go to work. I'll never sit in the library with you whilst we study our respective fields.

It all amounted to nothing. I see a range of things every couple does and used to think, 'that'll be us someday'.

And now, all I see is 'that could never be us, ever'. And I can't get myself to ever accept that

But I know I'll have to.

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  • positively negative
11 months ago

I can relate to this so much.

  • anonymous lover
11 months ago

This made me cry, I totally relate.

  • anonymous lover
11 months ago

Yep... This is a heartbreaking letter. Beautiful in a way, but still sad.

  • anonymous lover
10 months ago

i just cried reading this.

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