Wait for the one who looks out for you when YOU don't look out for you.

He'll insist that you take his jacket after you're fishing and fall into the river, even when you promise him that you'll be fine. "EM. You're gonna get sick. Just take my coat, please?" His voice gets softer on the "please", and so you accept it. You start crying, and even though it's partially because you're so cold, it's also because no one has ever cared about you this way. You're both standing in the middle of the river and he gives you a big hug and kisses your wet face and doesn't leave your side until you've caught a big fish.

He'll make chicken noodle soup for dinner and make sure you get enough to eat. As you're laying in bed, his hand is on the part of your lower tummy that you used to be self-conscious about. Instead of being embarrassed, though, you've come to love it the way that he does.

As you're grocery shopping with him, you see a person who sexually assaulted you sophomore year. You start to panic and go into the next aisle and tell him everything. He grabs your hand and walks right next to you all the way to checkout, but before he lets go, he gives your hand a little squeeze and you feel brave.

You're wondering why you ever put up with less.

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  • S
28 days ago

What if there's no one out there for me?

  • anonymous lover
28 days ago

There will be one day.

  • anonymous lover
28 days ago

I was ready to give all that to her.

But turns out she already found someone like this two years before

  • positively negative
28 days ago

I love this.

  • anonymous lover
27 days ago


  • anonymous lover
26 days ago

Ok thank you author! we will wait for someone like that.

  • anonymous lover
18 days ago

Beautiful words- my best friend showed me this site years ago and it never fails to inspire.

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