its amazing how at one point you dont notice someone but once they've piqued your interest, you see them all the time. like your eyes differentiate between them and other people and you start subconciously looking for them

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  • anonymous
one month ago

This is sooo me

  • anonymous lover
27 days ago

I love this!

  • anonymous lover
27 days ago

That's been happening to me too.

  • positively negative
27 days ago

This has just happened to me. I was so confused why I didn't notice them before.. but I guess that's just what happens

  • Lovebird
27 days ago

Oh I remember when that happened to me and my crush... The days I didn't know his name and he was "only" a junior at my school.. Little did I know he'd mean so much to me a few years later

  • i
19 days ago

Oh god this happens to me. The worst part is I'm over my crush, but my eyes always seem to subconsciously pick him out in a crowd. It happens everyday and it's awful. It keeps bringing back old feelings, even though I truly don't have a crush on him anymore. When I pass him, my legs literally buckle from the ghost of old habits.

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