Today marks one year since we last had our first walk. I still remember each and every detail of that day. From the weather... to the clothes we both wore. It probably meant nothing to you... but God it meant a lot to me.

I remember after class you and me walked together for a good hour and laughed and just conversed. You told me you felt bad because you didn’t feel well. We both did bad in the Biology exam... so we both kinda sulked.

So I proposed that we should walk and just chill to ease off the negativity you and me felt.

I still remember the touch of your hand.... the sound of your laughter... the fact you pointed out how we both had black shirts on and tan pants on. The imitation of me you pulled off with my backpack as we were walking saying... 

“ Uhhh loook at me... I’m Chem Prince ... I kiss ass to the Chem professor 😟..” 😂😂 😝

God that shit made me laugh!

The tight hug you gave me before you left and said... “thank you for making me feel better.” 

God I had the perfect opportunity to kiss your forehead that moment but I couldn’t as I knew you had someone waiting for you back home.

It was on this date I knew my feelings weren’t just shallow feelings.... that they developed into something stronger that I never felt before....

And here I am.... one year later... with that feeling still smiling from the memories we had today.

I’m still on Melancholy Hill... but I’ll find someone to slow dance with one day perhaps on this hill...

The Chem Prince

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  • Blossom
11 months ago

Great letter! Congrats on getting on the front page. :)

  • anonymous lover
11 months ago

Congrats Chem!

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