At my university many people walk their dogs on campus. Its a pretty common occurrence seeing a variety of breeds and their owners.

Over the span of a few weeks I've noticed a woman. She wears a pink jacket, and her puppy, a chocolate lab, wears a matching leash/harness. She orders a coffee from a little white food truck, and her dog sits obediently by her side. I pass by them frequently and always say hello to her.

I smile at the puppy but i never pet it. I don't want to impose myself or intrude, so i go about my business.

Today though, was different. I went through my usual routine of grabbing coffee and breakfast, then heading across campus to my typical work spot in the anthropology department.

Walking along the sidewalk i see the woman and her dog. The puppy looks at me, forcing itself to stop before the woman looks curiously at me, then back to her dog.

"She wants you to pet her. I think she's saying hi!" The woman smiles as i light up. I coo as the dog looks at me with big eyes before nuzzling my hand

"I always wanted to pet her. I didnt wanna be rude, and just randomly come up." She laughs before saying thats why they come to campus. She tells me her name, and motions. "Thats Bailey!" I introduce myself before patting her head. "You're welcome to stop us anytime. We see you alot, and i think bailey sensed something too." I laughed before wishing them a good morning.

It made my day, and even now that i typed it, my heart is so happy. I never understood appreciating small things until moments like these. Its an amazing feeling.

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  • anonymous lover
11 months ago

i miss all the doggos at uniiiii never pet them but they everywhere

  • Anonymous lover
11 months ago

This is so adorable. 💜 I hope it makes the front page!

  • Steve
11 months ago

Nice! One time while I was walking home from somewhere a little chihuahua ran up to me out of nowhere, and as I went to pet it he clamped his mouth right on my thumb! I literally walked the rest of the way home with this dog dangling in the air from my thumb LOL! It didn't hurt cause the dog was so small, but I don't think it liked me very much! o.0

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