This isnt romantic.

Today, a guy in my college class had been talking to me about my character in a game we were playing. He came up normally before crossing his arms.

"You seem like you have a pretty chill role!" I was overlooking my papers before turning towards him to reply. The minute i looked up to him, he went to sit on his desk and cracked it forward, causing him to swing back, but he caught himself.

Something inside me snapped. I just started laughing. like not just giggling, but a full out, a loud and hearty laugh. It was just so pure. I hadn't laughed like that in ages. It made me so happy.

Sometimes its the little things.

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  • Destini
one year ago

Reading this also made me happy. We all need the little things to keep us going. Glad you found a spot of joy - or, perhaps, that the spot of joy found you. :)

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