*LTC Rant*

I am eternally grateful to have stumbled upon this site. You guys arent just an anonymous site. You guys are like my family.

Youve been with me through my highs and lows. Through my sad times and my happy times. You guys have listened to me rant about my problems. We have laughed together at random crazy things. We have bonded over similar hobbies and things that we like. You guys have supported me and given me advice, even though we dont know eachother in real life. I have told you guys things that i never have or would have told my friends or family. You guys never let me down.

I came onto this site a few months ago. I was a lil bit shy to write out my feelings or to interact with you guys at first. But i had help from you guys to break outta my shell. Steve and Chem....have taken me under their wing and i thank them for that, for putting up with my annoyingness😅. I also thank all of you for being there for me.

Most of us here are looking for love or wished to be loved. But you guys forget, we have the strongest love there is.......the love of FRIENDSHIP......😊

Thank You all!

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  • anonymous lover
11 months ago

This is cute. Thank you too!

  • The Chem Prince
11 months ago


  • H
11 months ago

Friendship I agree is the most important form of love. But most of us on LTC crave intimacy and you just get can’t get that with friendship. Which sucks. That’s my two sense.

  • Steve
11 months ago

You been nippin' from that bottle of sappy sap again Pearl? >=O

Well good cause I could use some about now! 8DD

Thanks for the kind words ya little graham cracka! And one is glad to be of service! :]

  • OP
11 months ago


Yup Steve. I guess you could say im drunk in Sappy Sap 8]

  • anonymous lover
10 months ago

Beautiful <3

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