someone who won’t mind

that i take my showers a little too hot

and wash all the day’s colors down the drain

and become a blank slate every night

someone who will help me

fill in all the blanks

with permanent marker


someone who won’t mind

that time is not a constant in my universe

that i can’t keep up

with my jumbled time signatures

someone who will buy me a metronome

and calm my heart

back into 4/4


someone who won’t mind

that all my light spilled out

who will find that they can’t

scoop the light up in their hands

so they dip their hands into the cool sky

and pull down the sun itself

to put above my bed


someone who won't mind

that i’m a misty mountain morning

frozen at my highest peaks

foggy in the valleys

someone who will hand me a promethean flame

and the hammer of hephaestus

so i can forge my own way home


someone who won’t mind

loving me as i learn to love myself

who will give me swimming lessons

so i can save myself from the challenger deep

who will take me on a hot air balloon ride

and nudge me to the edge of the basket

so i can learn to fly 

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  • ari
10 months ago

This is Absolutely beautiful

  • anonymous lover
10 months ago

thoroughly enjoyed reading this

  • positively negative
10 months ago

Very well written

  • OP
10 months ago

I'm absolutely blown away that this is on the front page. I've never had a letter make it to the front page!

Thank you so much for your sweet comments!!

  • E
9 months ago

So beautiful and so artsy! Love it!!

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