My boyfriend and I jokingly discussed the possibility of faking a marriage proposal in order to get free dessert over a nice dinner out a few weeks ago. He was like, "Well, if I go down on one knee and pretend, maybe they'll be impressed and think we're cute and give us free dessert."

It was funny, but of course we didn't do that. But it gave him an idea, and he told me that he plans on giving me a few fake proposals before he asks the question for real, mostly just to mess with me because he's a dork like that.

Today I got my first one, tucked into my Christmas present. It was a little slip of paper with an encrypted message (we're geeks) that, when deciphered, read "Will you marry me? One fake proposal down, nine to go."

I said yes...not that it counts. ;)

I love you, merry christmas

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  • cute
2 months ago

so cute op!!

lucky you.

  • anonymous lover
2 months ago

Ughhhhhh!!!! Cuteness overload XD........

  • anonymous lover
2 months ago

That's freaking adorable

  • anonymous lover
22 days ago

wishing I had this.... lucky lucky you, babe

  • positively negative
22 days ago

I love this so much omg.

  • hy
20 days ago

omgggg so cuteee

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