Yesterday was our second date. We went ice skating, and he's really bad at ice skating. The last time I ice skated was 10 years ago, but I used to do it competitively. It wasn't long before I could feel it coming back to me, and I was gliding backwards and doing simple tricks. It made me so giddy to be on the ice again.

But him on the other hand... he needed some help. He fell more times than I thought was healthy, and is probably all bruised today, but he kept going. I was trying to teach him to glide and not walk, and eventually got to the point where I had him be stay still and I skated backwards. With both of our hand firmly grasped, I pulled him along, focusing on our feet.

I realized a little later that with nothing else to do but keep his balance and hold onto me, he was using the opportunity to stare at me. And he was smiling.

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  • anonymous lover
11 months ago

this is so friggin cute

  • butterfly
11 months ago

My stories of me and my cinnamon roll's relationship keep ending up on the front page. I always tell him we're cute as h*ck. He always agrees. :P

Btw, we're still going strong. <3

  • anonymous lover
11 months ago

He's a keeper!

  • a little naive
11 months ago

aw this is so cute, i wish all the best for you two ! ♥

3 months ago

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