Okay so I’m an Insecure Teen and my entire life I’ve always felt... okay looking. I’ve gotten like a couple compliments on my appearance before and they were flattering but they didn’t really sink in? I just didn’t see it?

But earlier today I looked at myself randomly in a mirror and my hair wasn’t tucked behind my ears like usual and I looked so... cute? Like it feels weird and vain to say that but like I looked really good!

Anyway hopefully this means 2018 is off to a good start to combatting insecurity!!!! ???

I was always convinced that no one could really have a crush on me but now I’m like... you never know! I hope everyone on this site has a moment like this soon if they haven’t! �

-Slightly Less Insecure Teen

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  • anonymous lover
11 months ago

Also, don't be insecure about being insecure. I have a couple female friends- one in her early twenties, the other in her early thirties- and both of them are gorgeous. Even still, they both have insecurities about their looks.

  • anonymous lover
11 months ago

? iv known so many people who feel the same way but they are beautiful. You will grow into yourself. Trust me :)

  • omg
10 months ago

IDK why but this letter makes me tear up. i love it!

  • positively negative
10 months ago

I really like this. I hope you have more of those moments :)

  • anonymous lover
10 months ago

The way you capitalized Insecure Teen made me think of John Green’s style of writing in TFiSO haha! This is cute ❤️❤️❤️

  • tinklingtheivories
9 months ago

you are beautiful in your own way! no one can ever take that away from you:) also, other than looks, lets also work on our minds! our character, thoughts and personalities matter a lot too, in fact they matter even more:)

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