I ran into the grass by the library and kicked up a pile of leaves. Without a single question he followed me and joined me — and then because I am a violent individual, I scooped up a pile of leaves and threw them at him. He grinned and threw a heap back at me. I turned away, but then felt a touch on my hair.

"You have leaves in your hair," he said, and I stood still while he picked them all out.

"How dare you mess my hair up," I teased, as we went back on the sidewalk. I couldn't help but notice that while we walked to his car, he kept looking at me and every time he would, his face would break out into a wide grin.

Romance as innocent and sweet as this is delightful. :)

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  • Diary Of A Hopeless Romantic
11 months ago

Oh my god! My sensitive hopeless romantic heart it hurts, owww!

  • butterfly
9 months ago

it really really really makes me grin when the things I write about my cinnamon roll keep ending up on the front page. We're still going strong, guys, stronger than ever

  • positively negative
9 months ago

This is beautiful. It makes me smile :)

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