dear you,

i have had the privilege of loving someone. very, very deeply. maybe more than i realized. and though you might not know it, but loving someone and having them love you back is really lucky. you can’t take love for granted, because it changes. it wavers, and sometimes if breaks completely and you can’t put it together back again, so you can’t just take it for granted. i made the mistake of doing so, but now i realize how damn lucky i am to have found somebody who loves me as much as he loves me. and i never want to lose him again. i thought that when you fell in love, it wasn’t by chance, it was just by destiny, but i know that i’m wrong now. i could have said no, i could have not showed up, i could have ripped my hand away from his, but i didn’t, because i chose him. and he chose me. and i am lucky enough to know how it feels to be loved, to just have that feeling warm you completely, because i know that lots of people won’t ever get to feel this. but that’s what i want. i want everyone to at least feel this once. everyone who has a good heart, and a good soul deserves to be loved. and if you do find that person, just hold on to them, because you should never, ever let them go.



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  • Thank you for writing this
9 months ago

If love happens again, I will remember this.

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