it hurt.

it hurt in that uncompromising, unexpected, indescribably shitty way that it does whenever someone tears a little piece of your heart out.

it sucked in that unavoidable way it does when someone leaves you and it's not on your own terms and you weren't ready for it.

it stings in that unpleasant way it does when someone decides that you aren't worth their time, or energy, or interest, or whatever, anymore.

it still stings. and it will still suck, and hurt, for a while now.

but I deserve better and I know it wasn't my fault.

all the people here, all my friends near and far, they know me, they are impressed by me and my emotional maturity and they see how strong and incredible a person I am and that I am doing great things and always capable of being my best person.

life has been throwing me a lot of punches lately, and you were one of them. this one was peculiar and confidence-draining and disappointing in that quiet, bitter, lackluster kind of way.

but i will recover. i am moving on. i deserve better and I'll keep on doing my own stuff, moving forward with my life and doing all the good things that I do. becoming a better person all the time.

and i don't need you for any of that.

you made your call, as cowardly and non-confrontational and emotionally immature as it was, and now i've made mine. using the skills i have and the emotional maturity that i have. there is no room in my life for you anymore.

goodbye. take care.

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  • a senior in college
10 months ago

I'm not looking for this person as a crush, but would your initials possibly be G.S.? I know when ever i ask on this site, i tend to be way off. But i'm asking just for curiosity's sake.

  • Anon
10 months ago

Seriously, who wrote this? Non confrontational and cowardly? Where is this coming from?

  • anonymous lover
10 months ago

Initials please

  • hatred
10 months ago

I will take your lashes, because I deserve them. Throw them. Watch my tears. Watch my blood drip from my open wounds you cause. And then tell me that you feel nothing. Faith.

  • Anon
10 months ago

Hatred, if you don't have intentions of being clear and direct in your letter, and just going off on a negative note, then please by all means Go. Get off this site if your not gonna have anything useful to say.

  • Thank you for writing this
9 months ago

So many people lack emotional maturity and refuse to take responsibility for their actions and words. This happens in heartbreak so often in the current dating culture and you expressed that well.

  • anonymous lover
9 months ago

You wrote out what I’ve been thinking.

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