let me be soft and gay for a second.. my crush is so cute. her smile is so sweet, she is so pretty and she is so nice to me and easy to talk to. The side of her nose crinkles when she laughs, it's like she knew I had a thing for nose crinkles. I know I'm not her type... at all. I don't need her to like me back; it would be nice, but I don't need it. Just being friends like this is enough to fulfill my foolish heart and make me feel like yelling in joy. When we talk I squirm on the inside like a middle school girl with a silly crush. And I want to keep it this way. I don't need deep feelings or heartbreaking 'love'. Whatever that is. I'm perfectly fine with this fluttery feeling, despite it being one-sided. You make me so happy :)

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  • anonymous lover
10 months ago

I'm sorry I don't reciprocate your feelings. When things aren't meant to happen it will never happen no matter what. However, don't consider this a mistake. Everything happens for a reason. Always remember that. You're still a great friend of mine. :)

  • anonymous lover
10 months ago


  • positively negative
9 months ago

This is beautiful

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