My boyfriend and I both hate Valentine's day! So instead of trying to find a gift, or trying to do something perfect, we're ditching all that pressure and frustration and spending the day at park full of trampolines, because we're actually children and just want to mess around and I CANT WAIT TO SPEND MY DAY ON TRAMPOLINES WITH MY SWEET BOY

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  • hop skip jump
one year ago

awww sounds so fun!

bouncy bouncy bouncy

bouncy surpreme!

  • The Student
one year ago

My fiance and I don't do Valentine's Day. We never have. I've always thought it was stupid to have one day to celebrate how much you love people. It should be everyday. It's just a regular day for us. We don't go out. We appreciate each other every single day. We have been together about 5.5 years now and the way we feel about each other is the same as when we first started dating. :)

You go guys! Never stop having fun in your relationship. That's what keeps it alive.

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