dear b,

it’s been long enough that i could be with myself for a while and to actually reflect on what i was feeling. everyday was a new sensation for me to feel feelings i hadn’t felt in a long time towards something- anger, dissapointment, and resentment. it was a nice therapy for me. ive been surrounded by the people i now care about me, and i’ve slowly began to heal and forgive.

i could sense your hurt whenever i saw you, and it hurt me, however i was too upset with you and caught up in my own problems to try and push myself further. i cannot forgive myself for causing you pain, but pain comes with friendship, so ill take whatever risks i can and indure more pain to try and make this work. i am so sorry for how petty i was being by glaring at you. i never should have been doing that. that was the most immature thing i could have ever done. i’m so incredibly sorry.

if you want to try again with this, then i’m always open to talk (except in the middle of a class lol). after all this, forgiveness does not come easily to me, but now i am willing to try. shoot me a text or whatever, that’ll make my day.

i promise you that ill do my best to make it work again. forgiveness is a virtue that i need to teach myself, and you just might be the greatest teacher i could ever learn from. and again, i’m so sorry for how immature i was acting towards you. i can’t say sorry enough.

- aina

p.s. there‘ll be a little somethin in your locker on valentines

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