the sky makes me emotional.

i know, i sound like your average, fake deep aspiring poet but, the sky makes me emotional.

sometimes i sit in the passenger seat and look out in front of me. i feel bad because i can't concentrate on my mom next to me when i'm too busy looking at the sun begin it's ritual of setting. the world turns into low lights and shadows. it's still clear as day but with a speckle, one could say.

it's the time when the light falls on your loved one's eyelashes and suddenly their brown eyes look green. hughes of deep blues and royal purples spill into the clouds and the trees are shadows.

i'm a romanticizer, and sometimes moments like these bring tears down my cheeks because the universe always seems to find a way to show that everything is going to be okay in the most simplistic form.

i may feel blue with a hint of green, but the clouds are pink, so everything must be okay? i want to love everything for the same reasons i love the sky. unexplainable, but pure.

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  • anonymous lover
9 months ago

this is beautiful

  • anonymous lover
8 months ago

dear lord that was beautiful

  • anonymous lover
8 months ago

Oh my God... ?

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