I just really love him. I just really do. And he loves me, too.

21-year-old me: No first kiss. No prom date. No boyfriend.

Little did I know in that 21st year of life, love would find me. And three years later- here we are. He's my person. Soul mate. I dreamt of him for 21-years. And he found me.

Don't give up on love. Don't settle just because you're feeling lonely. Wait for the real thing, sunshine. I promise you- it's worth it.

Sending hugs to your heart.

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  • green eyes
11 months ago

Such a beautiful story, thanks for sharing!

Needed this so much, hopefully one day I'll be posting a similar letter. xx

  • positively negative
11 months ago

Thank you for giving us hope. <3

  • Kattaganist
11 months ago

This made my day thank you

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