I didn't realise at the time that I was saying goodbye to him. I told him, we should never contact again because I don't want us to be friends after getting intimate. I was explaining how I felt about the situation. And he told me shortly afterwards, he'll think about what happened in the meantime.

Now, meantime, that word had me thinking. Is he going to get back to me, or what is it? And that was the last I heard from him. My abrupt goodbye to him. I really want to reach out to him and tell him that even though we aren't friends anymore, I appreciate and cherish the memories we have made.

Yet it seems so unnecessary. Here's my pride saying, you've stated how you felt, don't crawl back asking if he'll ever want to be more. Save your words, appreciation won't mean anything to him. Save your dignity.

And so that's it. We're not friends anymore.

Just strangers.

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