Dear Future Me,

I am a mess right now. Not because of anyone else but because I did it. I shut everyone out, I isolated myself, I became depressed, I made bad choices, and I hit rock bottom. Today I start to climb.

I hope that by the time I become you, the battles are won and the scars have all faded to nothingness. I hope we let someone in and learn to live happily. I will fight hard now so you can be free later.

I am writing this to remind you how far you have come. Whenever you feel discouraged, look back remember me. Remember the day when we had enough and keep fighting. This is a war we can win if we do it together.

With Hope

You, 2018

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  • anonymous lover
one month ago

Truly beautiful, yiu are so strong ❤️

  • anonymous lover
29 days ago

Beautiful :)

  • Tom
7 days ago

This was me two years ago, like you took the words out of my mind. Everything changes and when you put the effort in you'll be better for it. The you right now will be fond memory and nothing more than a learning curve in your life. Keep it up and keep pushing for your future self and you wont regret it


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