i can't believe it really happened. today, i told you how i felt.

i mean, i didn't exactly tell you. unless you count 'telling' as having my best friend send you that message for me because my hands were shaking too hard to type the words out myself. but, that aside, i did it and you said that you like me too and i'm over the moon. we're going on our first official date next weekend (although, i like to think that night we got ice cream and went to see love, simon together was really as meaningful as i hope it was to you). i know i'm rambling. i'm sorry. i just like you that much.

for the record, i've never confessed to anyone before. either you make me feel safer than any of my crushes ever have, or you're just that special. i think it's both.

here's to the start of something wonderful.


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  • A Short Romantic
10 months ago

That's so amazing! I'm so happy for you!

  • positively negative
9 months ago

This is so cute! Congrats :)

  • anonymous lover
8 months ago

: ) im so happy for you

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