I really just wanna hold hands with a guy. Probably sounds dumb to some but I’ve never done it before. Just to have our fingers interlock and take a walk around the block. All I want to have someones hand to hold in mine and we lose track of time walking around, smiles on our faces, laughing and just being happy.

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  • anon
one month ago


  • OP
one month ago

glad I’m not the only one!!

  • anonymous lover
21 days ago

honestly it's all I've ever done with a guy (almost exactly: we held hands on the second date and again on the third date as we walked in the -20 C weather back to his car lol) and its so so so nice. I literally could just be happy holding someone's hand while doing anything and I miss it ugh

  • positively negative
20 days ago

Thank you for this. It makes me feel less alone. And me too; I just want to hold hands with a guy. I haven't before, and it would make me really happy.

  • anonymous lover
20 days ago

i get so strangely happy when i see y'all have the same romantic desires i have. i'm so lonely, ughhhh

  • anonymous lover
18 days ago

I cant wait till you feel what its like...it honestly is the best. i love those innocent things- like hand holding and forehead kisses

  • Op
16 days ago

Omg I didn’t realize how many likes this got but too all the people that commented you are so kind and to the ones that feel the same, I love it when you find something you can relate to, especially when you feel like you’re the only one. Here’s to us for one day being able to experience this

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