What goes away from you is not to be chased after. What comes towards you is to be embraced.

It is how well you loved and let go that determines the quality of your life.

These quotes are what I need to embrace right now. My future is coming towards me. It is clear now, and I have the ability to succeed now.

But you, you are no longer coming towards me, and I must let you go. I must continue to love those that are in my life and that want to know the depth and breadth of me.

But I must stop myself from chasing after those that don't. You lose the rich textures of me. You lose the deep and abiding joy I so often feel. You lose, because you choose to lose, and I cannot let myself hurt for someone who does not see enough value in me to make it worth it for them!

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  • anonymous lover
one year ago

This is so true!

  • op
one year ago

I NEEDED to read this wow you just helped me a lot

Thank you so so much!!

  • RC
one year ago

I so want to say this to my current crush. Just lay it all out for her.

  • anonymous lover
one year ago

Wait what? I made the main page and I forgot to sign it?

*sighs, shakes head, and laughs*

I’m glad it’s helped people! I wrote it because it was what I needed to hear and feel about him because he’s not making a move and that is his choice to make.

  • K
one year ago

A close friend of mine recently decided not to communicate with me anymore, for reasons I still can't comprehend. But this is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you.

  • Z
one year ago

Today was another day I spent trying to chase he who left me. I needed this.

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