I love the little things about her, the tiny moments in life that show me how completely pure her heart is.

Like the fact that whenever she sees an ambulance or firetruck with flashing lights, she immediately holds up her hands in the "I love you" sign...she says it's her way of sending love and best wishes to whoever they're on their way to.

Or when the man running the drive-thru at Tim Horton's accidentally dumped her entire coffee into her lap and front seat...but she simply laughed and said "Well I do come here to wake myself up...A on creativity!" to make him feel better.

And how after our first fight (where I was totally at fault) she slipped a note under my front door saying that she was furious with me, but reminding me that she still loved me even while calming down.

I've never met a human being with so much compassion and love to give. I'm going to marry her someday, and I know that makes me the luckiest loser in this entire world.

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  • anonymous lover
one year ago

She’s also lucky that you appreciate these small but big things about her.

  • anon
one year ago

This is so beautiful. You are indeed lucky and blessed to have each other!

  • anonymous lover
one year ago

Wow who is this girl?

  • Redlovesaturn
one year ago

Awweee.. Dont hurt her, dont be the reason she will change her views with the world

  • green eyes
one year ago

And I'm sure she loves you just as much and all of your little quirks as well. Wishing you a beautiful love life together xx

  • Cind
one year ago

I hope you guys are happy forever. I wish you peace and love

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