To a boy whose first name starts with the letter S:

I've never thought about this. But now for some reason I am, because it's starting to get on my nerves! We've never really talked officially before, you just helped me out one time during class when I really needed it. You didn't have to, you just did. Thanks for that. But besides that one little encounter, our eyes would always meet. In crowded halls, across the gymnasium filled with people, across the cafeteria, each time a coincidence. Every time, I would just be minding my own business and then I look up randomly and you're staring right at me. That was nice.

But lately since nothing seems to be happening between us I've been trying to get myself busy with other people and meet new people. But every time I feel like I've gained an interest in this one guy, he gets swept up by some other girl! It's happened what, about three times now. First it was J.O. from French class, he seemed like a good guy and seemed pretty interested in me. But then he asked out N.M.! And then there's M, who seemed like my type. But then once again no surprise, he asked out N.C. So then I started getting really interested in this quiet guy from 9th period but then my best friend realizes what good personality he has and suddenly swiped him away from me.

It's really almost like the universe doesn't want me to move on. It's like it's trying to seriously tell me to stay hooked on you and only you. Maybe I should get moving and talk to you but I'm too afraid for no reason. But now I know that moving on isn't an option anymore I guess?

From a girl whose first name starts with the letter J

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