we broke up today.

It was the most beautiful thing.

No anger. No hate. No resentment. Just life circumstances. Sometimes there isn't enough magic in the world... at least not enough to keep us in the same country.

But he said something that stuck with me.... "we loved gently. And we leave gently."

For the rest of my life I will carry this man with me- all the way to my soul.

But I love him enough to let him go... and I think he loves me enough to do the same.

He's the one. I know that. But the universe says it can't happen. And sometimes, you have to respect the universe, too.

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  • anonymous lover
6 months ago

i wish you the best future

the stars are watching over you


  • anonymous lover
6 months ago

Yeh but what if you never meet someone like this ever again ? It all seems poetic to part on good terms but what if you’re meant to fight for the one - not just let them go?

  • anonymous lover
6 months ago

This is pretty. I would like to mention, though, I feel like the concept of "The one" is a myth. Just remember to love your future partners (if there are any) as truthfully as you did this person.

  • p
6 months ago

I know in time, the universe will find a way to continue the love youve once taken. If he's the one, he will always be coming back at you, no matter how long it will take or how hard it will be. You will come back at each other's arm.

  • positively negative
6 months ago

This is beautiful

  • OMG i care lol
6 months ago

CONGRATULATIONS for the break up that's what you want right

Let him go my my believe in the universe juice like Kung fu panda stop lying to yourself you left the poor kid alone lol

That's evil

If love you someone stick with them no matter the cost

You chase them around the world kinda like the movie Say anything a classic

  • anonymous lover
6 months ago


May you be lucky enough to experience a mature relationship.

Wishing you happiness. And hoping you feel nothing but peace.

  • anonymous lover
6 months ago

sometimes, if you love someone, you truly have to let them go. however, if you say he is "The One", then you will run into him again. the universe, fate, God, will always push you two together if you two are really

meant to be.

  • anonymous lover
5 months ago

@OMG i care lol

Just because they’re apart now doesn’t mean it’s the last time. Things can just happen, and if he really was “The One”, in my belief God would make sure they end up together again

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