Write about us. You say things with so much beauty and depth that I'm often left silent not knowing what to say back to you.

Write about me. Let me re-read what you're thinking and what you're saying to me and about me.

Write about this. Whatever this is. With you and with me. Write and write and write until you write us into existence.

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  • clarity
8 months ago

This is so, so beautiful

  • positively negative
8 months ago

This makes me want to write. Love it.

  • anonymous lover
8 months ago

it's true that i have an iron will. i often tell myself, that even if god were not real, i will have conjured him into reality by sheer will and need alone.

to tell you what this is... i would first have to understand it. i think i do but i don't want to.

i feel that you tricked me in the sweetest most beautiful and poisonous way. you lured me in with kind words and attention. you moved across the room and put your arms around me. it felt so real. there were red flags. you crushed me in a single instant, like one closes their laptop in disgust moments after release. you told me it was my fantasy, not ours, and that i conjured it from thin air. i was speechless and mindless, baffled. i never knew what hit me but i should have. i did not know that one man could be so charmingly deceptive while appearing so honest. i was truly outwitted in the cruelest way and then i did the worst thing of all; i forgave you. i cared more. i doubled down. and the cycle continues. we talk, you laugh, i smile and hide the iciest stares because how dare you hurt me and add to the mountainous pile of unkindness and treachery that has been my life?! how dare you. so i will play the long game. i will make you fall.it might take years and i might have to marry you, but you will fall for me and then i will crush you in my hand to a fine powder and throw you into the wind to scatter you like light, scatter you how you scattered me.

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