Dear Nj, sometimes i feel like writing you a letter would explain everything. How regretful i am, etc. Other times i realize it wouldnt be the best idea to open that can of worms again. So i think its best i dont.

Your graduating classmate.

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  • OMG i care lol
11 months ago

In the last letter you gave me list of the products offered by mart


It was different i read about a deal though lol

Just kidding

When you know you will regret not writing to your beloved Nj then why

You don't write

Just do it you won't regret it that much

Trust me yours highly anonymous president of tinker bell association lol

Just relax go for it


  • anon
11 months ago

No, You don't Understand, This Guy almost commited Suicide Because of Me. He Treated me Like shit, He called me a Slut, a Bitch and said that I have Issues. For me to even write that letter to him would mean I would have to get back in contact with a guy who Made me feel like a Worthless Piece of Shit. So thanks ever so for your advice, But there's No way I'm contacting him.

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