All I can do is put my perfume in the books I give you with high hopes that you begin to see me as a beautiful fantasy, like one that might unfold on the pages.

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  • The Chem Prince
11 months ago

That sounds really intimate.

I myself have sprayed hints on my cologne on my love letters. He’s a lucky one.

  • cat
11 months ago

I'm just a supporting character in his story for the time being. My strategy was to pass onto him a terrible book (with just the slightest bit of sweet smell) so we could have a lighthearted conversation when he too detected how repulsive it is. He brought it back, agreeing how terrible it was of course haha. I made it up by handing out my favorite, in full bloom. Fingers crossed that it leaves an impression.

  • cat
11 months ago

*clarification: when he detected how plain bad that story was, not that he detected some rancid perfume

  • anonymous lover
9 months ago

i love this

i leave a little trace of perfume whenever i get the chance

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