You're out there somewhere... aren't you?

The one I missed while I spent the better part of a decade with someone else's person. The one who still appears in my dreams; faceless but familiar.

I keep looking for you; and my heart lights up at each moment I feel you near me. Out of reach, but pulling me toward. I grow weary of all these apps and putting myself out there daily. Of loving myself and wanting to share this love and joy with you. I want to hold you close and show you there is still beauty in this world; and make our place in it.

I'm tired, but I still shuffle forward in hopes that you're looking for me too. That you haven't given in to the same voice that demands we give up.

Find me when you're ready- I know I am.

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  • anonymous lover
9 months ago

God, this is beautiful.

  • anonymous lover
9 months ago

I'm looking for you too. I am so tired of not having anyone, praying to God that He will give me someone to be with since I'm so lonely. I have so much love to give without anyone to give it to. - L

  • anonymous lover
7 months ago

I felt this so hard

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