I met him last year at a party through a mutual friend of ours. We talked a bit and even flirted a little. There was this connection, but I thought he was way out of my league. I studied a year abroad but I found myself thinking about him from time to time. You know what it's like; just imagining being with that one insanely cute guy.

Last week I went out with the same mutual friend and before leaving I was hoping to see him again. And before I knew it, we bumped into each other. But I was too shy to say hi. Then he asked my friend whether I was seeing someone and when she said no, he whispered 'Thank God'

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  • anonymous
one year ago

Cutee! Hope things work out between you, op.

  • omg
11 months ago


  • anonymous lover
11 months ago

Super cute

  • anonymous lover
11 months ago

that’s so freakin cute

  • positively negative
11 months ago

This is adorable

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