Hey little songbird

I know it's been awhile

But I'm still here

Smiling at your empty cage

Holding a few loose feathers

Knowing you're okay now

Keep flying

I love you

Tin Man

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  • I miss you ?
one month ago

  • Tin Man
one month ago

I do miss you. A whole lot.

  • anon
one month ago

who do u miss?

  • Tin Man
one month ago

She knows who she is. That's all that really matters.

  • Are you sure?
one month ago

Maybe you just think she knows... I used to enjoy your posts. But you disappeared. A large part of my heart hoped your words were for me, but sadly, I search endlessly for anonymous declarations of love for me to no end. There are always those that resonate, but never any assurances.

  • Tin Man
one month ago

You're right. I can never really be sure. I'm sorry for disappearing. I just lost my will to write. I lost focus. I can't say if my words were specifically for you. I don't know if I know you. You never gave me a name to notice, but I always noticed your comments. Maybe that's why I kept writing. To know that someone, somewhere was getting something from it is an inspiring thought. I will try to continue writing.

  • Either way...
one month ago

I like to think of myself as a songbird, as I am a singer and like my freedoms, as a bird does.

I guess your letters always resonated with me, because I like to think of my signature song as

"I'm Like a Bird" by Nelly Furtado. So your postings always seemed to fit.

  • Tin Man
one month ago

Wow... I can absolutely understand why you were drawn in. It's pretty uncanny how much it all fits together. I would have lost my mind if I were in your shoes. Sorry about that. I have to be honest here. There's no one behind the name. The songbird is allegory for a lot of different things. Sometimes I'm writing about love, the past, or something I want. This letter is about remembering and holding on to those memories that make me smile.

  • Very poetic!
one month ago

That's awesome, really. Pretty amazing writing! I have tried to write like that, but can't. My writing is way too detailed to be vague in anyway. But thank you for sharing! Keep writing! It's inspiring!

  • Tin Man
one month ago

Just keep writing! All it takes is repetition and learning what doesn't work. Think about what you want to say then trim down the excess while leaving the core intact if that makes sense. I'm not going to be stopping anytime soon. Now that I know I have a frequent reader, I'll try to write more!

  • anonymous lover
8 days ago

Oof my dude

  • lovebud
6 days ago

definitely keep writing. as someone who has lost a loved one to the finality of life, this poem resonated with me in such a tangible way. especially because one of her favorite songs was blackbird by the beatles. i love how all writing eventually belongs to the readers. thank you for this.

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